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Some of the following photographs have been used in articles in the History Archive. Others are put here simply to make them available for reference, even if there is no accompanying tournament report.

Some of the images were provided by John Glendinning. Others were taken by JBW Robertson, who became active within the Scottish Junior Chess Association after its formation in the late 1960s. After Mr Robertson's death, John Glendinning 'inherited' a considerable number of images, some of which are presented here. Photos have also been received from Michael Freeman and Michael Fallone.

Other contributions would be appreciated. Better the photographs are seen here, as opposed to lying in an attic or a basement!

The Chess Player, by J.M. Aiken
Exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1922
John Macdonald Aiken was born in Aberdeen in 1880 and died in 1961
Aberdeen Press and Journal, 24 March 1923, page 3
Thanks to Vladimir Neistadt


Jewish Institute, Glasgow, Chess Club
Courtesy of Harvey Kaplan of the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre in Glasgow.

Michael Freeman has identified the figure in the middle as Ralph Spencer, who died in 1983, aged 65. Further information about Mr Spencer would be welcomed, as well as help in identifying the others in the photo.


Scottish Chess Association Congress, Edinburgh 1887
Taken at the close of the general meeting.
Courtesy of Ross Jackson, Wellington Chess Club, New Zealand
Photo by Marshall Wane, Edinburgh

Seated, left to right:
George Gibson, George B. Fraser, Robert Brander, Daniel Y. Mills, Christopher Meikle,
Rev. G. McArthur, Georges E. Barbier.

Standing, left to right:
John D. Chambers, William Black, A.W. Buchan, David Forsyth, John Macfie, John Russell, James Marshall, Dr James Cappie, W.W. Robertson, W.H. Maslin, James Phillips, A.M. Broŭn, Alfred D. Vardon, James Pringle.


Sheriff Spens and W.N. Walker during the play-off for the 1890 Scottish championship.


Presented to Mr J.B. Richardson (Photo on the left) in 1897 by the Stirling CC, with thanks for his generosity. His son, Robert Macqueen Richardson, after whom the trophy was named, is also shown. He had been a member of the club for only three months before his death from typhoid fever in 1894, age 18.


The Edinburgh Working Men's Club and Institute, winners in the first season of the Edinburgh Chess league 1903-04, with the Knight Cup.
Standing, l to r: R.H. Smith, F. Cruickshank, A.D. Marshall, E.E. Parker.
Sitting, l to r: R. Jordan, H.H. Waight, W. Cruickshank, R. Boyd.

Richard Jordan was at this time a former Draughts World Champion.


From The Chess Amateur, August 1912, p. 726.
R.G. Thomson was a world-renowned chess problem composer.


Greenock CC, winners of the Spens Cup 1911
Team members, along with the club president, secretary and treasurer.
The photo was taken at the Watt Institute, Greenock, about March 1911.
The team in order at their last match:
1 Wm. Sharp; 2 Rev. John Young; 3 R. Leigh; 4 P. O'Donovan; 5 R. Porter; 6 J. Currie; 7 A. McVicar
Standing (l to r) Club president, McVicar, Taylor (secretary). treasurer, Porter, Currie.
Sitting, left to right: Sharp, Leigh, Rev. Young, O'Donovan.

Note: President and treasurer to be identified.
Photo courtesy of Bill Young, grandson of the Rev. Young.

Greenock CC, winners of the Spens Cup 1923

The second photo included other members of the club. Based on Rev. Young's caption for the above photograph, I would identify the members as follows:
Standing (l to r) Currie, ?, Rev. Young, McVicar, ?, Sharp, ?, R. Porter, ?, O'Donovan, club treasurer, Leigh.
Sitting (l to r) ?, Taylor (secretary), club president, ?

Photo courtesy of Bill Young, grandson of the Rev. Young.
Any help identifying the other club members would be appreciated.

At the boards: nearest camera is George Page (right) facing A. Goldberg; next to them is Miss L.M. Hogarth (right) facing Miss A.M. Crum. Mrs F.F. Thomson was the third competitor in the Ladies' Championship.

Standing on the far right is W.A. Fairhurst, then Dr R.C. Macdonald and H.N.J. Walsworth. The next figure is unidentified.

Standing far left is thought to be J.R. Longwill, then van der Gaag. Third from left is Hugh Gemmell, a member of Glasgow CC.
Note part of the Glasgow Chess Club's extensive library, which was sold in the 1960s, and the portraits and illustrations, which have been "lost."

Courtesy of David Everington, Shropshire Chess Association (from Hugh Gemmell)


Moscow Olympiad 1956. Scotland v Yugoslavia in Preliminary Group 2. It will be noted that it is the Scottish players who are holding their heads in their hands. It therefore may not be a surprise to learn that the match was lost 0-4. On board 2 Fallone (l) is facing Ivkov. On board 3 Middleton is playing Karaklajic, on board 4 Dr Rose (l) is facing Milic. Out of sight are Fairhurst and Gligoric on board 1. (Photo: Michael Fallone)

Moscow Olympiad 1956
Aird Thomson, member of the Scottish team, as seen by a caricaturist.
Source: Deutsche Schachzeitung 1956, page 321.


Mrs Steedman (left) and Mrs Foggie: representing Scotland at the 1st Women's Olympiad, Emmen 1957

9th World Student Team Chess Championship: Mariánské Lázne 1962. Photo provided by Michael Freeman, a member of the Scottish team. He also provides the following notes:

'Taken in 1962 at the World Students' Olympiad outside one of the beautiful 19th century buildings in Mariánské Lázne , in Czechoslovakia, where spring water could be sipped or bathed in (with elderly(!) women supplying towels, on exit).

Among those I recognise are: Spassky (front row, 2nd from left), Ciric 3rd, Bondarevsky, Spassky's trainer (behind, in between), Gheorghiu 6th, face partially hidden, Kaválek 4th to his left, Opocenský (2nd row, 2nd from right), Bagirov (on his right, head down), Konstantinipolsky (Soviet Team Trainer (3rd row, 1st on right, with glasses), and many other players of note.

Some of the Scottish team  - Michael Freeman (4th row from back, 5th from right), Peter Coast and John Wheeler (both next, but further back), and Derek Thomson, next and slightly further forward.' Larger image.

Full details at OlimpBase.

1964 Cumnock Academy win the Ayrshire Schools Chess League. From left to right: Jim Kleboe, Leslie MacDonald, Jim Drife (behind MacDonald), Allan White, P.B. Anderson, Peter Kleboe, Richard Beecham and Alastair Geddes. P.B. Anderson was twice Scottish champion. At the time, he was the Headmaster at Cronberry School in Ayrshire, but was also the chess tutor to the players at Cumnock Academy. Anderson did a great amount of work for junior and schools chess in Scotland.
Courtesy of Joe Parks and the Cumnock Chronicle.


Glorney Cup 1964. Top row from the left: J.M. Glendinning, E. Davis, G. Hay, G. Bonner (non playing captain), P.M. George, T. Cowling. Second row, far left is A.M. Davie; Front row left, sitting cross- legged is Peter Jamieson. Other notable players: holding the trophy is Michael Basman; 2nd row, sixth from left is Raymond Keene; next row of those seated, fifth from left is William Hartston.
Photo: John Glendinning


Havana Olympiad 1966. The Scottish team, from left to right: Hugh Holmes; Michael Freeman; William Fairhurst; Maria del Carmen Marin (assigned to the team as guide); Kenneth McAlpine and Craig Pritchett. For further information of the Scots' experiences at Havana see Michael Freeman's Reminiscences. Photo: Michael Fallone

Havana Olympiad 1966. Scotland's Kenneth McAlpine in play against IM Reinhart Fuchs of East Germany. At the next board Hugh Holmes (l) against IM Burkhard Malich. The Czech GM Hort is spectating. The Scots lost 1-3, Fairhurst losing to Uhlmann. However, the one bright spot was a stunning victory by Michael Fallone over GM Pietzsch. For more details of that game see Fallone's Reminiscences. (Photo: Michael Fallone)

Havana Olympiad 1966. Craig Pritchett (aged 17) in the match against Luxemburg. On the neighbouring board Michael Freeman (r) is facing Norbert Dietrich, with team captain Fairhurst looking on. (Photo: Michael Fallone)


Havana Olympiad 1966. In the same match against Luxemburg, Here is Fallone (l) against Schneider. Next to them Fairhurst (l) is playing Philippe. (Photo: Michael Fallone)


Havana Olympiad 1966. Scotland faced France in the first round of the Final Group 'B'. Fallone defeated Mazzoni, while on the neighbouring board McAlpine (r) drew with Boutteville. On the other boards Holmes lost to Huguet, while Pritchett demolished Zinser in 25 moves, Scotland winning 2½-1½.
(Photo: Michael Fallone)

1968 Glorney Cup, Plymouth. From l to r: James Lumsden, John Glendinning (non-playing captain), Colin Campbell, Allen Taylor, Eric Holt, Donald Marr, Robert Waugh, Ian Mullen.
Photo: John Glendinning

British Championship 1969, in Rhyl, Wales. The Scottish representatives shown here, from left to right, are Peter Jamieson, Gerald Bonner and Hugh Holmes.
Photo: JBW Robertson

Two photos from the Glasgow Congress, September 28-30, 1968, held at Langside Halls.
1. Basman (White) v Pritchett; 2. Danny Wright (White) v Basman.

Michael Basman won the Invitation Tournament with 5 points, followed by Craig Pritchett 4½, Wright and Roddy McKay 4, Golombek 3½ etc.
Thanks to Jim Anderson (a Basman fan) for passing these on; they were given to him by the photographer, JBW Robertson.

Lanarkshire Congress, Easter 1970. From left to right: Alan Shaw of Cathcart CC; Mrs Steedman of Bothwell, a long time supporter of the Lanarkshire Congresses and other events.
The others, according to John Larkin, formerly of the Bellshill CC, are believed to be Stuart Henry and Pat Rooney, also members of that club.
Photo: JBW Robertson


This photograph was taken at the opening dinner for the 1970 Glorney Cup , held in Bearsden, near Glasgow. John Robertson is on the far right. Next to him is Walter Munn, President of the Scottish Chess Association; William Fairhurst, giving a speech; John Glendinning, non-playing captain of the team; the Provost of Bearsden, William Cumming.
Photo: John Glendinning.

The Scottish team at the 1970 Glorney Cup. From l to r, at the back, Roddy McKay and Eric Holt; front row, John Glendinning (non-playing captain), Ian Meiklejohn, Iain Sinclair, Christopher Jones, David Findlay, with Michael Rosenberg in front of Findlay.
Photo: John Glendinning

1970 Scottish Ladies' Championship. The winner of the event, Mrs Nancy Elder (Dundee), is seen in the middle. This was her 12th victory in the event, with a score of 7/8, and she would go on to win on a further four occasions. Other competitors were: Miss Miriam Little (aged 16, also of Dundee) 5/7; Mrs Hepburn 4½; Miss C.M. Elder 4; Mrs Shedden 3; Miss E. Whyte 2; Miss Bain 1½; Mrs Maclean 1. Assistance in identifying those in the photo would be appreciated.
Photo: JBW Robertson.

Scottish Championship 1971: David Levy (left) v Roddy McKay, and Gerald Bonner
Photo by J.B.W. Robertson

Scottish Championship 1971: In front, David Levy (left) v Rudolph Austin, and Bernard Partridge (left) v Willie Kelly
Photo by J.B.W. Robertson


1972 Scotsman School Trophy The winners, Ayr Academy. From l to r: David Findlay, Clement Caldwell, Alan Taylor and David Bentley.
(Thanks to Joe Parks, Steve Rivett and Stephen Hamilton for helping to identify Caldwell and Taylor.) Photo: JBW Robertson

The same event, showing both teams. From left to right: unidentified; David Findlay; Clement Caldwell; Alan Taylor; David Bentley (Ayr Academy); Ken Stevenson; Stephen Swanson; Dave Mackay (partly hidden), Walter Buchanan (Allan Glen's School, Glasgow), and John Glendinning, President of the Scottish Junior Chess Association. Thanks to Walter Buchanan for his help on this one. Photo: JBW Robertson.

Madras College, circa 1972
Tim Upton is front left. 

Paisley Grammar School team - Spring Jamboree 1972 ?
Back l-r: G. Morrison, unknown, Robert Law, Fraser McLeod, C. Sutherland, Peter May.
Front l-r: Iain Provan, Douglas Mill, Douglas McGregor, Gordon McAlpine, unknown.
Photo courtesy of Professor Iain Provan.
Corrections/identification welcomed.

Paisley Grammar School
Sunday Times Team Competition 1974
Five members of the team (one is missing) that for the first time reached the semi-finals of the Sunday Times competition in London in July 1974.
Back l-r: Douglas Mill (Bd 2), Iain Provan (Bd 3).
Front l-r: Douglas McGregor (Bd 1), Arthur Stoddart (Bd 5), Gordon McAlpine (Bd 4).
Details and photo courtesy of Professor Iain Provan.

Shettleston Congress (Glasgow), 24 March 1973, round 2. Jim O'Neill at the board.
Behind him, the taller of the two men is Eric Martin.


1973 Glasgow Congress. From left to right: Hugh Holmes; Philip Giulian; Michael Rosenberg. These three shared 1st-3rd prizes in the Open with 4/5. Rosenberg would later give up Chess to concentrate on Bridge, becoming one of the most highly regarded players in the world. (Gerald Bonner is partly obscured.)
Photo: JBW Robertson.

1973 Glasgow Congress. Walter Buchanan, winner of the Reserves with 4½/5.
Photo: JBW Robertson

1973 Glasgow Congress. Stephen Swanson, winner of the Junior International with 4/5. Gerald Bonner is on the right.

1973 Scottish Congress. Joint winners of the Scottish Seniors' Championship, Claud Marshall (l) and Bernard Partridge (r). Behind is Walter Munn, then President of the Scottish Chess Association.

1973 Scottish Congress. Colin McNab, aged 12, winner of the Junior Championship. Walter Munn, SCA President is standing behind. The seated figure is Eric Allan, Scottish Chess Association treasurer. (Thanks to Michael Freeman and David Archibald in identifying Mr Allan.)


Scottish Championship 1974: Ken Stewart nearest camera. In the background Dr Aitken (left) v Giulian
Photo by J.B.W. Robertson

Scottish Championship 1974: A.M. Davie (glasses) losing to David Findlay
Photo by J.B.W. Robertson

Tim Upton, circa 1976


1976 Glasgow Congress. The winners of the Under-12 tournament. On the left is Stephen Mannion, and it must be A.J. Mitchell on the right, as both shared 1st and 2nd places with 10½/11. In the middle is likely to be A.R. Liddle, who was 3rd.
Photo: JBW Robertson.

1976 Glasgow Congress. In the middle must be the winner, A. Gallagher who scored 5½/6. On the right it looks like Alan Minnican, who was 2nd with 5, and on the left it is likely to be either J. Doolan or J. Ross, as these players shared 3rd and 4th places with 4½.

1976 World Student Team Championship, Caracas, Venezuela. 9-22 August (1). The Scottish team, from left to right: Roger Abayasekera, Stephen Swanson, Iain Sinclair, Douglas Finnie and Douglas Tudhope. The organisers are calling it the 23rd such event, probably because of the two earliest events in 1952 and 1953 in Liverpool and Brussels not being classed as 'official' events. Scotland finished 10th overall, coming second in the Final Group 'B'. Iain Sinclair won a prize for the best score on any board in that final.
Detailed results of the Scottish team can be found on the OlimpBase web site, along with complete information on the tournament. There, the event is listed as the 21st occasion of the tournament.
Photo: Iain Sinclair.

1976 World Student Team Championship, Caracas, Venezuela. 9-22 August (2). Iain Sinclair being awarded his trophy.


1976 World Student Team Championship, Caracas, Venezuela. 9-22 August. On the right, Werner Hug (Switzerland), World Junior Champion 1971.
Courtesy of Iain Sinclair, who states: "I enclose a photo ( Caracas 1976) of Werner attempting to persuade Steve Swanson that the local beer was not all that bad!"

1977 World Student Team Championship, Mexico City. The Scottish team was made up of Iain Sinclair, Stephen Swanson, Timothy Upton, Walter Buchanan and Andrew Muir. Here, Sinclair (l) is up against Vaganian of the USSR, with Tim Upton (l) and Andrew Muir spectating. "I got stuffed!", says Iain, who supplied the photo. See OlimpBase for results.

1978, 1st World Youth Team Championship, Mexico City. Photo courtesy of Iain Sinclair, middle row left, with the snazzy sideburns and moustache. Most of the players have been identified.
Top row, left ro right: Mikhalchishin (USSR); Ken Rogoff (USA); Shaun Taulbut (England).
Middle row: Sinclair (Scotland); Two unidentified players; Larry Christiansen (USA).
Bottom row: Fletcher Baragar (Canada); David Goodman ( England ); Alexander Kochiev (USSR).
Thakns to Jonathan Berry, Canadian Correspondence Chess IM, Arbiter and chess journalist for help in identifying Baragar and Kochiev.
See detailed information about the event at OlimpBase:


Mexico City 1980 - 2nd World Youth U-26 Team Championship
L-R: Paul Motwani, Tim Upton, Graham Morrison, Alan Norris

Mexico City 1980 - 2nd World Youth U-26 Team Championship
L-R: Andy Muir, Tim Upton, Graham Morrison, Alan Norris


N.A. Macleod awarded the title of Grandmaster of Chess Composition, posthumously.


2010 World Braille Championships. Stephen Hilton meeting the great Gligoric, who died 14 August 2012. (Thanks to Stephen for the photo.)



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