Miss Agnes Margaret Crum

Born: 10 March 1879, Glasgow - Died: 3 October 1961, Edinburgh.

Scottish Ladies' Champion in 1935, 1946, 1948 and 1949.

At the dinner given in the Royal Athenaeum, Aberdeen, 1935, by Dr R. Twort to members of the Scottish Chess Association Congress.
Seated, left to right - J.M. Aitken (Scottish Champion), Miss Crum, and Dr Twort.

Miss Crum was the daughter of John Crum, one of the group associated with the formation of the Scottish Chess Association in 1884. Due to the influence of her father, she learned chess when she was quite young, and used to accompany her father to chess tournaments both at home and abroad. For example, she travelled to Ostend, Belgium in 1906 to take part in the Ladies' tournament, scoring 6½/13. Miss Crum competed in several British Ladies' Championships over the years. In 1936, she shared 2nd and 3rd places with Mrs W. Thomson (Glasgow), with 8/11, behind the winner, Mrs E. Holloway. She would later reside in Edinburgh, where she was a member of Edinburgh Ladies' CC.

Sources: Aberdeen Press and Journal 1935; BCM 1936, p 513; birth certificate; death certificate.

Compiled by Alan McGowan