Bernard Partridge

Bernard Bowers Partridge (1914-1993)

Photo by JBW Robertson, taken at the Scottish Championship 1973.

I [AMcG] have fond memories of sitting in Cathcart CC on a Friday night (we were the only Glasgow League club to meet on Fridays) and looking up from the board to see Bernard Partridge come through the door with his latest issue of the High School of Glasgow Bulletin. This incredible production - handwritten and produced in various colours on a Gestetner machine - was packed with chess news, games, tournament results and instructive articles. Contributions were made to the Bulletin by all the leading Scottish players, but the publication was read throughout the UK and contributions came from several people across the country, including a young Raymond Keene in England.

As is pointed out by the Scottish Correspondence Chess Association web site, Bernard 'was the prime mover in the establishment of the Scottish Correspondence Chess Association in 1977 and became its first Honorary Life Member, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to CC in Scotland.'

The following tribute was published in the SCCA magazine of March 1994.



Alan McGowan