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How to get a FIDE ID (FIN)

Quick info: To request a player is added to the FIDE database an individual, team captain or tournament organiser should please send an email to with the name of the player and year of birth and the player will be added to the FIDE database with a unique FIDE ID. There is no charge. Players do not need to be CS members.


CS Operating policy on submission of events for FIDE rating in relation to creation of FIDE ID numbers.

It is a requirement that every player who participates in an event which is submitted for FIDE rating has a valid FIN (FIDE ID Number).

Chess Scotland can create new FIDE IDs for any player who does not already have an ID.

Chess Scotland can only create IDs for players with the federation designation of SCO for Scotland.

Chess Scotland has a policy on which players are permitted to have a FIDE ID with the Scotland designation. The eligibility requirements for the initial allocation of a FIDE ID with a SCO designation are:

1) Was the player born in Scotland?

2) Were either of the player’s parents born in Scotland?

3) If the player is 18 or more years old, has the player been permanently resident in Scotland for at least two years (if a junior, that is under 18, the equivalent time is one year) immediately prior to the creation of the FIDE ID or the event in which they wish to participate.

Any one of the three eligibility requirements is sufficient.

If an event wants data to be submitted for FIDE rating they must ensure that all players have or will be able to secure a valid ID prior to submission of the event for FIDE rating. Chess Scotland officials will provide information, advice and assistance with regard to player eligibility for Scotland codes.

If a player wants to participate in a FIDE rated event but cannot meet any of the eligibility grounds indicated above then Chess Scotland will decline to create a FIDE ID for that player. The player should be advised to seek an ID from their home federation.

If an event submits data intended for FIDE rating but which contains any player who does not have an existing FIDE ID then it may not be possible to submit the event for FIDE rating. This also applies when the event is waiting for players who are seeking an ID from their own home federation. If the player cannot supply the ID in time then it may not be possible to submit the data. Just one ineligible player could invalidate the whole event from being submitted.

We strongly advise that FIDE ID issues should be resolved prior to a player participating in an event.