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The home of Chess in Scotland

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Scottish Championship Draws, Live games and other Links

13th July 2017

Full draws can be found at


FIDE                    Championship Blitz U1850  Rapidplay
Chess Scotland   Championship U1800 Scottish_Schools Rapidplay


PGNs of completed rounds can be found here

Live game links

APA                                                               Scottish Open                          Blog

Round 1  Flash Multiboard Mobile       Flash Multiboard Mobile        Day 0 Day 1
Round 2  Flash Multiboard Mobile       Flash Multiboard Mobile        Day 2
Round 3  Flash Multiboard Mobile       Flash Multiboard Mobile        Day 3
Round 4  Flash Multiboard Mobile       Flash Multiboard Mobile        Day 4
Round 5  Flash Multiboard Mobile       Flash Multiboard Mobile        Day 5
Round 6  Flash Multiboard Mobile       Flash Multiboard Mobile        Day 6
Round 7  Flash Multiboard Mobile       Flash Multiboard Mobile        Day 7
Round 8  Flash Multiboard Mobile       Flash Multiboard Mobile        Day 8
Round 9  Flash Multiboard Mobile       Flash Multiboard Mobile

Grading from the Scottish and Grand Prix

23rd July 2017

Murad Abdulla is the New Scottish Champion

23rd July 2017

Scottish Rapidplay

23rd July 2017

Robert E Rough Cup 2017

22nd July 2017

U1850 & Seniors, Scottish Schools Championship

21st July 2017

Chess Scotland Finances

18th July 2017

Scottish Blitz Championship

15th July 2017

Scottish Championships Registration Number

13th July 2017

Chess Scotland AGM 2017

8th July 2017

Online Voting

8th July 2017

Grading update 2016-17 and Grand Prix

5th July 2017

Report on Stewarton Bonnet Guild Allegro 2017

2nd July 2017

FIDE Rating List – July 2017

1st July 2017

Glasgow Schools League results 2016-17

30th June 2017

Euroyouth 2017

28th June 2017

Chess Scotland 100 Club

28th June 2017

Largs 2017

27th June 2017

Scottish Junior Blitz Championships

23rd June 2017

Book Reviews

22nd June 2017