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The home of Chess in Scotland

Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

Grading List

Tournament organisers, area graders, CS officials and patron members receive a complimentary copy of the grading list in pdf format amazon prime filme downloaden tablet.

A smaller print run has been made in recent years to meet requests for a copy of the booklet in hard copy. This will continue as long as the number of pre-ordered copies is sufficiently large to make printing a viable undertaking vorlagen zum downloaden. There are a few copies available for purchase from the membership page (pdf purchase can be made here too) alle fotos von cloud herunterladen.

Lookup your Latest Grade Online

Latest Tournament Grading Results

The Tournament Grading Page is the main body of the grading section, and is essentially an index to all graded events processed during the season, sorted into appropriate categories with links to the individual event.  League grading data appears in both the above lists with more detailed information available at the League Page An archive of all grading data since 1997 is also retained scribus kostenlos downloaden. We welcome any feedback on possible errors in the online data. Comments will be acknowledged and a correction made if required – please email

Scottish FIDE Ratings

Latest FIDE rating news is updated here and includes links to the monthly update of FIDE ratings, an archive of ratings, currently registered events and uploaded rating reports, rating regulations kindle books from cloud.

Registering an event for FIDE rating

FIDE ID Operating Procedure

FIDE Grades

How the grading system works

A dedicated section of the website which explains the intricacies of the grading system is available here musik herunterladen usb.

Information for Area Graders

Information for Area Graders is available here.

Information for Event Organisers

Information for Event Organisers is available here tiptoi neues buch herunterladen.