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Annual General Meeting

City Inn, Glasgow 
August 31, 2008

The Annual General Meeting of Chess Scotland will be held at 2pm on Sunday, 31 August 2008 at the City Inn, Finnieston Quay, Glasgow, G3 8HN.  All members are invited to attend. 

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Director Reports:

President Report - Donald Wilson (added Aug 29)

Technical Director - Ken Stewart

Schools Development - Craig Pritchett

Junior Director - Jeremy Hughes (added Aug 29)

Membership - George Anderson

Grading and Website - Douglas Bryson

Financial Review - Mac McKenzie

Championship report - Alex McFarlane

International report - Jonathan Grant (added October 31)

Junior International - Peter Woods (added Aug 29)

AGM misc reports - David Oswald, Stephen Hilton

Accounts - Mac McKenzie

Zip of all above reports


Motions for AGM (doc file added August 13)

Nominations for appointment at AGM (doc file added August 13)

Motions for Chess Scotland AGM 2008


1 •  "That the agm have a vote on whether anonymity be allowed on the Chess Scotland Noticeboard and that vote be binding"
(proposed by A Howie, seconded by J Johnston)


2 •  Whereas that grading fees for u14 (main list) are free, and

whereas a CS priority is the promotion of Junior Chess, and,

whereas registration (and its attendant benefits) of School Chess Clubs is free,

it is resolved that the annual affiliation fee for Junior Chess Clubs shall be waived.

Proposed:  Trevor Davies
Seconded:  John Dempsey


3 •  All candidates for CS Directorships shall be required to submit a brief (as prescribed by Council) written manifesto, to be circulated at the AGM, covering

(a) their qualifications for the post
(b) what they see as their role
(c) what opportunities and threats they see lying ahead (in the short term)
(d) what significant measures of success do they wish to be judged against.

All candidates will be  offered the opportunity, if they so wish, to speak briefly to their manifesto at the AGM, but that the time allocated to each candidate shall be strictly limited by the chair. (typically 2 minutes).

Proposed:  Trevor Davies
Seconded:  John Dempsey


4 •  Motion 1 (a):

" THAT  Council agrees the 'Association'  should become a not-for-profit incorporated body  within the terms and meaning of the  Companies Act  of 2006 and, if applicable,  the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act of  2005"


Motion 1 (b)

"THAT, subject to the findings of the sub-committee, and  should Council give its approval,  application  be made to  the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) for the registration  of the 'Association' as a corporate entity with charitable status "


Supplementary Motion 

"THAT Council agrees that  a  sub-committee be formed to examine the most appropriate type of  corporate formation with regard to the functions the Association carries out  and to report back to Council with its findings and recommendations  by, at the latest, 1 April 2009".

Proposer:  Christopher  Hampton 
Seconder:  Stephen Hilton


5 •  "THAT the Regional Director be a accepted as a voting member of the Management Board of the Council of Chess Scotland"

Proposer: Angus McDonald
Seconder: Christopher Hampton


6 •  I propose that:

as per CS guidelines for Juniors, only games of at least 30 mins are graded as main list (exceptions being justified by describing the extenuating circumstances)

    Seconder, Phil Thomas, Giffnock and Clarkston


Andy McCulloch

7 •  As a result of the 2008 Scottish Championships I would like the following proposals considered at the AGM.

Consideration should be given to setting up a Sensory Boards Committee to consider purchase and use, including allocation to tournaments. Cost implications. Best way to recoup costs e.g. should membership fee increase slightly or should tournament pay?
If a figure of circa £5000 is raised in sponsorship it should be used to offer £500 to the first 8 GMs to enter giving Scots GMs a maximum of two weeks prior notice. A figure of £10,000 used to give first 12 GMs £500 rest to be used for enhancement of event.
Chess Scotland use the 2009 Championship and invite potential sponsors along to the event with associated buffet. Show them what we can do and bid for their support.

Proposed by Alex McFarlane, seconded by Lara Barnes.


Complaints by Fair City Chess Congress Organiser(s).


1.  Chess Scotland Director(s) have withheld, delayed or denied Chess Scotland services(s) to the Fair City  and its members.


2.  Chess Scotland Director has persistently organised events to clash with  Fair City , contrary to the outcome of the organisers meeting prior to the 2006 AGM.


3.  Chess Scotland Directors have failed to promote the Chess Scotland Girls Championship.


4.  Chess Scotland have failed to acknowledge the Chess Scotland Girls event exists.


5.  Chess Scotland Director(s) are abusing their position and fail to act with due diligence when made aware of the aforementioned complaints.


6.  The actions of the Directors have resulted in the Fair City being unable to continue.  The Fair City is unable to promote its events on Chess Scotland Calender in a timely manner or arrange a date which will not result in another event being arranged on the same day by a Chess Scotland Director.  As these issues have been repeatedly made known to Chess Scotland over a number of years, I am at a loss as to why such abuses of position have been allowed to continue.


   Chess Scotland and its Directors are aware of the costs involved to the Fair City .   (If the Fair City had been held accountable for the cancellation fees/cost of Fair City 2008, the cost would have been in excess of £1,100 for accommodation only).


7.   The Fair City feel it is reasonable to expect compensation from Chess Scotland for the loss of its congress due to the abuses and failure by Chess Scotland and its Directors.


8.   A Chess Scotland Director put false and misleading information on Chess Scotland Calender regarding Dalguise Activity Chess Event.


I would be grateful if you would put the above issues on the  Chess Scotland AGM Agenda.


Proposer                                  J Shovlin

Seconder                                 L Shovlin


Chess Scotland Directors have undermined my ability to promote Chess Scotland Events, eg. Law Society, and girls events also Dalguise, & Fair City  by advertising other events which clashed.  

I accepted the Law Society Event on the understanding that NO other event would be allowed to compete on the Chess Scotland Calendar.  

I feel that I am being discriminated against for reasons which remain unexplained by a number of Chess Scotland Directors.

Chess Scotland Directors are applying rules which do not exist as an excuse to justify withholding Chess Scotland services which I, as a member, am entitled to.

DALGUISE - Grading     Has been an issue for some time.  This is a junior event where a few adults play, predominantly helpers or parents and as a consequence Chess Scotland charge an adult fee for this event.  I feel this is unjustified and would propose to the AGM that this and similar events which are junior in nature should be charged at the zero rate.


PROPOSER        Lynsey Shovlin

SECONDER        John Shovlin            


Nominations for Appointment at 2008 AGM


Honorary President

Jonathan Rowson nom. D Wilson , sec. A McFarlane



Donald Wilson nom. LR McKenzie, sec. P Woods


Executive Director

John Dempsey nom. S Collins, sec. T Davies


Finance Director

Mac McKenzie nom. D Wilson , sec. S Hilton


Home Director

Jacob Aagaard nom. P Woods, sec. J Rowson


Home Director (Junior)

Andy Howie nom. P Thomas, sec. J Thomas


International Director

Jonathan Grant nom. D Wilson , sec. J Rowson


International Director (Junior)

Phil Thomas nom. J Jordan , sec. A McCulloch


Customer Services Director

Sam Collins nom. T Donohue, sec. D Bryson


Schools Development Director

Jacqui Thomas nom. K Childs, sec. A MacQueen


Sponsorship (Marketing) Director

Peter Woods nom. A Howie, sec. P Thomas


Technical Director

Ken Stewart nom. D Wilson , sec. S Hilton


Regional Director

Stephen Hilton nom. LR McKenzie, sec. A McDonald


FIDE Delegate

John Glendinning nom. D Wilson , sec. LR McKenzie

Andy Howie nom. P Thomas, sec. P Woods


There has also been one nomination for a Club representative on Council:


George Clarke ( Stirling ) nom. J Blake, sec. R Togneri