Full Version: Tromso Olympiad 2014
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Appears we will get a bill for changing team of 100 Euros. Not the end of the world

I feel like a wee Westie with a ball of twine. Are some of these ‘excluded’ teams among those that are (a) experiencing visa problems; or/and (b) are supporters of the incumbent FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov?

Shock, horror … Maybe the Presidential election is really tight? How quickly can visas to Sochi be arranged?
Andy, why 100 euro fee ? there is no cost to organisers , where is that in the rules ? we are already over budget , who pays ?
Olympiad rule 3.7.2

This is what Russia should have done...

Been trying to find out. No one seems to want to answer that.
Andy (H) and (M)

Has either of you noticed this morning’s announcement on the Fide Official Site about the need for Delegates for the 85th FIDE Congress who have not registered so far to do so now?

Also, this same announcement states that some Federations need to register new delegates.

Scotland is named - even though I know that Andy(H) has been put forward as such.

I think one of you should check?


PS I think that - indeed - some of the Federations named here also feature in the list of ‘excluded’ teams mentioned above.
I did and strangely it has come down again...
amuir Wrote:Also the venue is an island, is it not one mile wide ? How can a one hour journey be possible unless accommodation is miles out at sea or miles inland ?

It could be a long thin island.
Quote:Announcement to all delegates for 85th FIDE Congress

Thursday, 17 July 2014 08:18

Dear FIDE delegates, 

Dear National federations, 

Following the list of FIDE delegates published on the FIDE website, we would like to bring to your kind attention that all delegates that have not registered in the FIDE Olympiad Registration system should do this as soon as possible.

OK, Andy. But, as the above confirms - it did appear. (I made a copy.) Some of the allegedly missing names had actually appeared earlier! Andy(M) even made a joke about it!

We mustn't get too Walter Mitty-ish about this, but it is odd!

Thanks George,

I saw an announcement when i was checking something but it was down when I went back. For the record we missed the deadline for registering me but I have proxies in place to make sure we are represented and our view is heard. Not going into details about why it happened but Hamish and I are taking steps to make sure it does not happen again!

I had to wait until the final list was published to get the proxies organised.

I should add Alex nearly didn't get to go as an arbiter as that was missed as well!
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