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Results of Scottish Girls Championships
Results of Chess Scotland Scottish Girls Championship held at Lathallan School, Brotherton Castle, Johnshaven on Saturday February 22nd 2014

Scottish Girls Championship
1st Monica Espinosa (Girvan) 4.5/5
2nd Caitlin Reid (Paisley) 4/5
3rd Cristina Espinosa (Girvan) 3/5

Primary Girls Championship
1st Yvonne Zhou (Lenzie) 5/6
2nd Rachel Lorna Smith (Alloway) 5/6
(tie-break determined by result of individual game)
3rd Oishani Dutta (Broomhill) 4/6
(after tie-break match)
Nandini Dutta (Broomhill) 4/6
Pranavi Golkonda (Edinburgh) 3/6
Hannah Wallace (Cumbernauld) 3/6

Primary P5 & Under
1st Kelly Campbell (Albyn) 5/6
2nd Ariuna Walker (St Peter's, Edinburgh) 5/6
3rd Hannah Walker (Perth) 5/6
(these 3 needed a triple play-off to decide the eventual order)
Sophie Robertson (Lenzie) 4/6
Kayla Stewart (Perth) 3/6
Chelsea Liang (Edinburgh) 2.5/6
Sriya Golkonda (Edinburgh)
Iona Kellas (Aboyne) 2.5/5
Annie Overton (Aboyne) 2.5/5

Thanks to Lathallan School for their hospitality and the 2 anonymous donors for their generosity. Also thanks to participants, parents/guardians and helpers
As usual, full results and photos at (note there is slight glitch with photos - they are there but not displaying as montage thumbnails)
Gerald Lobley
congratulations to all the winners
Well done to everyone who took part, especially those who travelled a distance.

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