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Results of Scottish Girls Championships - Gerald Lobley - 23-02-2014

Results of Chess Scotland Scottish Girls Championship held at Lathallan School, Brotherton Castle, Johnshaven on Saturday February 22nd 2014

Scottish Girls Championship
1st Monica Espinosa (Girvan) 4.5/5
2nd Caitlin Reid (Paisley) 4/5
3rd Cristina Espinosa (Girvan) 3/5

Primary Girls Championship
1st Yvonne Zhou (Lenzie) 5/6
2nd Rachel Lorna Smith (Alloway) 5/6
(tie-break determined by result of individual game)
3rd Oishani Dutta (Broomhill) 4/6
(after tie-break match)
Nandini Dutta (Broomhill) 4/6
Pranavi Golkonda (Edinburgh) 3/6
Hannah Wallace (Cumbernauld) 3/6

Primary P5 & Under
1st Kelly Campbell (Albyn) 5/6
2nd Ariuna Walker (St Peter's, Edinburgh) 5/6
3rd Hannah Walker (Perth) 5/6
(these 3 needed a triple play-off to decide the eventual order)
Sophie Robertson (Lenzie) 4/6
Kayla Stewart (Perth) 3/6
Chelsea Liang (Edinburgh) 2.5/6
Sriya Golkonda (Edinburgh)
Iona Kellas (Aboyne) 2.5/5
Annie Overton (Aboyne) 2.5/5

Thanks to Lathallan School for their hospitality and the 2 anonymous donors for their generosity. Also thanks to participants, parents/guardians and helpers
As usual, full results and photos at (note there is slight glitch with photos - they are there but not displaying as montage thumbnails)
Gerald Lobley

Re: Results of Scottish Girls Championships - Patrick McGovern - 23-02-2014

congratulations to all the winners

Re: Results of Scottish Girls Championships - harrymarron - 24-02-2014

Well done to everyone who took part, especially those who travelled a distance.