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Council meeting
Glad to hear that it went so well!
Hi Andy

"We have gone sufficiently off topic that I am close to locking the thread.
Can I please ask everyone to take a breath and calm down."

See it sorted itself out, nobody swore, nobody threatened violence and nobody mentioned Hitler.

Just let them rant and rave at each other till it blows over, else it will only appear again in another thread.

Junior selction.

Let the kids themselves pick who they want in the squad. After all they will be doing the playing.

And have you noticed it's always the adults who do the complaining on these trips.
So don't send adults, you don't really need them, all the do is moan about the food and accomodation.
They are there to ferry the kids about not put in the stars in a Michelin Travel Guide.

Calum, it's not public's pubic hair. (we must have a chat about the birds and bees.)
Next time one of you find pubic hair in a bed send it to me I'll glue it on my small bald spot.

Take the kids to the airport, tie the passports around their necks and say "Good Luck bring me back a trophy."

They will be OK, they are off to play Chess not fight in a war.
I am a little surprised that there were no resignations either voluntary or by request - I mean I would have thought the actions of MH in publicly critising CS in the manner that he did, while still a director of CS will have done great harm to CS. Surely one for the standards committee??

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