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Council meeting
Any news on when the Council meetings are going to be held? Time is moving on and decisions need to made in respect of next season, particularly given the loss of the grant.
Hi Derek,

I never noticed this post! Was speaking with David earlier and he will have the budget ready for council to check over very shortly

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Sorry to be a pain but is has a date not been sorted yet? I fail to see why the meetings can't be scheduled while David is working on the budgets. We are now past the year end and no budget has been approved and therefore Chess Scotland should not be making any payments at the moment.

Are we able to operate without any payments being made?
No answers for Derek? =o
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For a variety of reasons, I have indicated that it is unlikely I would be able to attend a council meeting before the 3rd of June. As part of a meeting would relate to budgets I asked if a meeting or that half of a meeting could be delayed until June.
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It would be very helpful to have reasonable advance notice of dates of Council Meetings and AGM (as was the case in "the good old days"!). As representative of TAFCA, I would hope to be able to attend future meetings and it is particularly important to have a good attendance at the next meeting(s) re financial issues. As a member of the Scottish CCA Executive Committee, we usually have meetings in March and September and our AGM is held in late May/early June. We have the option of members living far way to participate using Skype.
And still no notice of a Council meeting? Hmm.
as the meeting has been delayed so far for another month (since it was decided it couldn't be held in March as the result from the lottery application was needed first so technically 3 months) does the original deadline for motions still stand as follows:-

If anyone has any business for the council meetings, please can you forward on to me as soon as possible. I am going to accept submissions up to midnight next Sunday (28th April).

or does this mean that there will be a new deadline for motions in line with the council meeting date when it is eventually arranged & announced?
can you change the motions zip file to a pdf please
Motions in a zip file?? Are they not wanting people to see them??

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