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Glorney Information
Thank you Peter, very much appreciated and I will be in contact with you shortly to work on your suggestions.

Didn't the team perform absolutely brilliantly well? I was well proud of the team, not just the performances, but also the way on which they conducted themselves, and the way each and every one acted as ambassadors for Scotland. 

I am now going to thank those who contributed so prepare to be named and shamed!

First of all thanks go to the arbitrating team of Ken Stewart, Alex McFarlane, Andy Howie, Fiona Petrie, David Clayton and Simon Gilliam

Thanks also to the coaches who got the players to perform magnificently, Andy Muir, Hamish Olson and Ali Roy. We are already building a training committee for the future so we can go forward and build on our resources

We must also recognise the guys who helped organise the training days Richard Jennings and Bill Gray. Thank you and looking forward to the future.

We must not forget the guys of the Glorney committee who kept me on the straight and narrow and performed all the unseen tasks such as organising buses, helping with the accommodation etc, Jim Webster, Hamish Glen, Douglas Bryson and last but not least David Congalton.

Massive thanks must also go to Fiona McKenzie and Keira Austin from the campus whose support ensured we actually got the festival running smoothly

Simon Shepherd, thank you for organising  the team shirts and making that task your own.

A thank you for the sponsor , Ecosse doors and their continued sponsorship.

Thanks to the parents for their continued support I'm sure i have made a lot of new friends and we will continue to work to develop your childrens' skills in the future.

Finally a massive thank you to the players for making this one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. I'm already looking forward to the next event.

I have had an amazing response from the other nations, thanking us for our support and help and we have reciprocal agreements from the other nations to combine training and other resources in the immediate future. We at Chess Scotland are working on that already.

I am of course compiling a report at the request of the boss man. I would ask all of you to send me reports from each of your delegated areas.

It's all good and I must thank you all again for your help and support. Let's do this again!
Hi all,

I would really appreciate a copy of any reports, and also games and photos for the CS magazine! Murad has already offered to annotate something, but I'd like to cover as much of the event/as many of the teams/players as possible!

Many thanks in advance and congratulations on hosting what by all accounts was an excellent event!

Andy Burnett
already on it Andy I'm collating all the information and will pass onto you
(20-07-2018, 07:04 PM)Ianbrownlee Wrote: already on it Andy I'm collating all the information and will pass onto you

Good man, thanks Ian Smile
Chess Scotland has received feedback on this year's Glorney event from all the visiting nation Head of Delegations.  I have added their comments to the news page and it can be found here:


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