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blind kids and other disabilities
Hi Stevie
Some of the fide guidelines will be just that

As far as I am aware the organisers do accommodate requests within their control. I can see how much disabled players enjoy the game and I'm sure they get positive assistance almost all of the time.

Id rather we focus efforts to target new disabled players and supporting existing disabled players. By all means remove obstacles but I don't think we should be pandering to potential disabled players who have no desire to play because of theoretical non compliance

I have a few suggestions that you or someone else might be able to help with - apologies if they have been raised in the past or if its politically incorrect, I'm trying to help not hinder:

Statistics on how many active disabled players/members we have
Statistics or a rough idea on how many new players/members we want to or are targeting and a split for juniors. I'm sure there would be funding grants to support such an initiative.

What general ongoing non resolved problems do existing disabled players face. Perhaps you could do a survey - someone sent me one via survey monkey recently it looked good and I think its free and very easy to use.

Hope this helps
I am not a serving official of CS. I think a survey would be useful but it has to be done by the disability officer, but I will happy to co-operate in my capacity of Secretary of the FIDE committee 'Chess for the disabled'
The initiative has to come from CS. The committee will always welcome any information from affiliated nations

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