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glenys SNCL are you trying to get me in trouble
Smile Glenys
I've JUST REALISED SNCL last round is on mother's day!!!!!. Are you trying to get me shot? Bear in mind I'm writing this with a few sherbets (otherwise known as cocktails etc) in me. I may need to find new lodgings if I play. My kids have deserted me and I'm alone in facing the wrath of Janet, my loved one Smile

just tell your lady wife you are coming home after just one game instead of the normal two.


-- -- couldn't find a white flag for when Jacqui reads this
aleady done that phil - she's not impressed Smile
Never mind you!!! I'm organising the day and then leaving on a plane in the evening -- Mam not seeing me at all!!! First time in 53 years. Keep quiet Ian I haven't told her it's Mother's Day!!


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