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TPR performance of 1800 for a J10
I note Vagif Ramazanov (J10) had a TPR of 1800 at the Vineburgh congress at the weekend. Is this some kind of record for a junior of that age in Scotland?
Had a search through "present era" juniors and the best I can find is Murad Abdulla (J11) at the Glasgow congress with a TPR of 2016 and Murad again at the Dundee congress (J12) with a TPR of 2180.

Not sure how I can check/compare with guys like Mark Condie and the like from relatively recent history.
I don't know the detailed results but Vagif got 3.5/5. If he had a half-point bye in round 1 then that is 3/4 (75%), so for an 1800 performance his average opposition would be circa 1600. That is obviously very good for a player of his age, but I would expect that historically there had been a number of higher performances. Given a couple of opportunities I wouldn't be surprised if Vagif set an even higher mark himself.
Vagif beat players graded 1685, 1576 and 1696. He drew with a player graded 1586. He lost to 1822.
Kai Pannwitz achieved a TPR of 2125 in the Glasgow Challengers in May 2013 as a J11.
I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine
Not sure how widely known this is.....

Within grading system section for any player you can get 10 highest ever tournament performances in 2 or 3 clicks.

I can't claim to be as good as my highest result on there. 4 or 5 results is not robust - statistically speaking. I probably should be grateful that system does not call up my 10 worst tournament performances.
Found a 2305 performance from a J14 at the Hamilton Open in 2005 for some guy called Calum MacQueen.
Ian McDonald won the East of Scotland event as a J13 with a TPR of 2259
Vagif, Kai, Murad, Ian. All from the NEJCA area. Suspect the David Leslie Aberdeen Chess Acadamy has had a big hand in this but it just goes to show that if juniors have the correct coaching support at school level, wonderful things can be achieved.

If enthusiasm is continued through guys like Adam Bremner, Hamish Olson, Jonny Edwards the foundation stones are in place, it's only a question of time.

Attention is generated, interest is highlighted, desire is driven and action is forthcoming.

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