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SJC Age Championship results
Saturday results

Under 7’s
1st Dwayne Abella (St Peter’s) 6/6
2nd Michael Joyce (Holy Cross)
3rd Miya Callaghan (St Brides)
4th Declan Campbell (St Brides)

Under 9’s
1st James Hartman (Edinburgh) 7/7
2nd Joseph MacFarlane 6/7
3rd Dietah Connolly Sams (Tiger Cubs) 5/7
= Andrew Forster (Underbank) 5/7
Thomas Taylor (Prestwick) 4/7
Ritvik Maheshwari (George Heriots) 4/7
Luke Joyce (Holy Cross) 4/7

Under 11’s
1st Ben Volland (Muckhart) 5/5
2nd Jonathan McKay (Fort William) 4/5
3rd Stefan McDermott (St Peters) 4/5
Andrew McMillan (Oban) 3 ½/5
John Morrison (Bruntsfield) 3 ½/5
Jack McKie (St Josephs) 3/5
Brodie Aitken (Underbank) 3/5
Marco D’Alessio (Lenzie CA) 3/5
Yvonne Zhou (Lenzie CA) 2 ½ /5
Nathan Lunny (Giffnock) 2 ½ /5
Harry McKay (Mearns) 2 ½ /5

Sunday results

Under 8’s
1st Dwayne Abella (St Peter’s) 7/8
2nd Christopher Morris (St Brides) 6/8
3rd Chelsea Liang (Fettes College) 3 ½ /8
4th Robbie Allan (St John the Baptist) 3/8

Under 10’s
1st James Hartman (Edinburgh) 7/7
2nd Mark Lees (St Brides, Cambuslang) 5 ½ /7
3rd Abhinav Datta (St Cadocs) 5/7
Connor Allan 4 ½ /7
Zoe Ng 4/7
Domonic McGee 4/7
Matilda Ball Tororoff 3 ½ /7
Matthew Walls 3 ½ /7

Under 12’s
1st Rachel Smith (Alloway PS) 4 ½/5
2nd Jack McKie (St Josephs) 4/5
3rd Brodie Aitken (Underbank) 3 ½/5
Chris Elliot 3 ½ /5 (on tiebreak)
Lewis Towle (Bishopton)
Stefan McDermott (St Peters)
Rebecca Lamb (Bishopton)
Oishani Ditta (Broomhill)
Christian Bland (Fettes College)
Owen Sutherland (Bishopton)

Saturday & Sunday tournaments

Under 14’s
1st Euan Gray (North Juniors) 5 ½ /6
2nd Colin Howie (East Kilbride) 4 ½ /6
3rd Jack Stewart (Greenwood) 4/6
Siddarth Berera (South Morningside) 4/6 on tiebreak
Callum Smith (Banchory) 4/6 on tiebreak
Joe McKie (John Ogilvie HS) 3/6
Darren Gillies (St Margarets HS) 3/6
Andrew Gillies (St Margarets HS) 3/6
Chris Wan (Lenzie CA) 3/6

Under 18’s
1st Andrew McCusker (Hamilton Chess Club) 5 ½ /6
2nd Stuart Wynne (Hamilton CC/Stonelaw HS) 5/6
3rd Alex Keenan (Hamilton CC/Airdrie Aca) 3/6 on tiebreak
Ross Heenan (Grangemouth) 3/6
Craig Gillies (St Margarets HS/Hamilton CC) 3/6
Photos of the event can be seen at and!/sjc.juniorchess

A great turnout over the weekend. Interesting to have an age driven championship for a change.

Good luck to all for the CS Girls Championship next weekend!
Good tournament, real shame we don't have an SC overall one this year like this - maybe next year. The boys' one being run by SC does have lots of age sections, but obviously girls aren't eligible. A good idea for future years might be an overall Scottish Junior event that simply has best boy/girl recognition across the various age groups ; that will encourage and recognise more girls (as there would be more age categories for them to compete in). Even better if we run two: one standard grading (perhaps over a weekend) and one (1 day) allegro - that will provide good comparisons (across all players, sexes, age groups at once).
Currently the only one that's really done that this year is this SJC one.

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