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Advice for getting funding/sponsors for a club.
I'm looking into this, and have identified a few local (large size) businesses. I was thinking of sending off some letters.

Has anyone had any success with persuading local employers and business to invest in their local community chess/clubs? Any advice from others experience is appreciated as am not quite sure how to approach this as yet.
Concord, Dumbarton won some lottery funding , about £ 1300, to promote chess
And Hamilton got over £5000
Andy/Robin thanks for that info. Sounds a good place to start, will contact the club secretary's for these clubs.
Well the Hamilton money doesn't seemed to have been spent well so far this season as some of our results have been poor - look at the SNCL and Glasgow League results. We need Magnus.
What does a chess club spend 5k on if you don't mind me asking? Is it mostly retained for securing the long term future?
As I recall, the cash was specifically sought for the development of Juniors.
Andy McCulloch Wrote:As I recall, the cash was specifically sought for the development of Juniors.

Absolutely correct Andy. The money was routed via Hamilton Chess club and used to promote grass roots chess in Lanarkshire - primarily via school based clubs.

Many of the players aided by the grant will be playing in the Lanarkshire Primary Schools team event on Thursday 28th. Entries for which closed automatically when the 5Oth team of 4 entered.

If this model could be repeated throughout the country........................
Please tell me a junior currently playing for Hamilton A. Tom Donohue and myself played in the 1973 Glorney Cup and we are trying to find our long lost team mates. The £5000 might be better used on adult players.

Grant application specifically stated funding would be spent on junior chess & specifically grass roots chess.
Isn't it a rather tough target to set to get beginners from a year or two back into the Hamilton A team? After all I only just retained my own place this season =)

That 17 year old Daniel Thomas has got a live grade above my own. I must remember to ask Dougie Bryson if there is a flaw in the grading programme - and if not get in touch with the coach of that 17 year old lad =)

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