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Team Lightning 4/12/11
Forgive me, could someone refresh my memory. What is Lightning again?
A very bright flash of light which is normally accompanied with heavy rains and thunder Big Grin Big Grin
no, that's "lightening"!
No, that's enlightening, or unenlightening, depending on whether or not it's the answer to the question you were trying to ask.

"Lightning" is the atmospheric phenomenon that George describes; and it is also a name given to chess played with a very fast time control - in this particular case, all moves in five minutes per player.

Illegal moves lose, but only if the guilty player presses his clock after making the move and the opponent claims the game before making a move of his own in reply. And it's up to the players themselves to notice whether their opponent's flag has fallen - if you play on until you are checkmated and only then notice that your opponent's flag has fallen, that's tough: you've lost, even if spectators or the arbiter saw the flag fall ten moves earlier.
cheers donald, it's been so long since i last played it

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