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AGM Candidates
As you have gathered I am on holiday at the moment.

I am putting together the list of motions and will publish it later in the week. I have put together the list of candidates for your perusal

Candidates for Election to Directorships of Chess Scotland
All proposed by Hamish Glen and seconded by Andy Howie unless stated

Candidate: Hamish Glen
Proposed by Alex McFarlane, seconded by Andy Howie

Candidate: Stephen Hilton
Proposed by Ian Brownlee, seconded by Chris Hampton

Executive Director:
Candidate: Andy Howie
Proposed by Hamish Glen, seconded by Ian Brownlee

Finance Director
Candidate: David Congalton

Home Director (Open)
No Candidate

Home Director (Junior)
Candidate: David Deary
Proposed by David Congalton, seconded by Iain Fraser

Customer Services Director
No Candidate

International Director (Open)
Candidate: Andrew Muir

International Director (Junior)
Candidate: Calum MacQueen
Proposed by Hugh Brechin, seconded by Sean Milton

Schools Development Director:
Candidate: June Underwood
Proposed by David Oswald, seconded by Calum MacQueen

Marketing Director
Candidate: Jonathan Edwards
Proposed by Hugh Brechin, seconded by Andy Howie

Scottish Championships Director
Candidate: Alex McFarlane

Technical Director
Candidate: Ken Stewart

FIDE/ECU Delegate
Candidate: Andy Howie
Proposed by Hamish Glen, seconded by Ian Brownlee
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
Let's start a "None of the Above" campaign for the third from bottom position!!!!

Seriously, it is disappointing that there are some posts with no candidates (it's still not too late to be nominated at the meeting). In some ways it is also a pity that posts are not being contested as this can show a healthy organisation. No contest can mean everyone is happy with the current situation or that apathy rules. I fear it is a mixture of both.
I would like to take on a role within CS but having no idea what the commitment would be it's difficult to gauge if I have time to do it! It would help if, as someone asked for previously, a job description for each role existed.

So, for example, the vacant post of Home Director...what would be expected of this director beyond running internal competitions?
One general point. The job of a director is to ensure that certain things are done, not necessarily to do them him/herself. Delegation is necessary.

For Home Director, ensuring that the various competions are held (and there are quite a number) is certainly a major part of the post - and I've done various parts of this in the past. Perhaps Steve Hilton, as the most recent incumbent, might comment on what else is involved.

I'd suggest being at plenty congresses and other events to get a feel for what the grass roots think could be part of it.

As pointed out a while ago, job descriptions were drawn up at one time but I agree that they need updating and publishing.
Is there any definition for the Customer Services Director? I don't recall ever seeing that before.
Andy and Ken,
The HD is responsible for the following tournaments,
Richardson Cup
Spens Cup
Campbell Rosebowl
Nancy Elder
Team Lightning

Ken is quite right to point out the importance of delegation.
I was fortunate in having Andy Muir and Chris Hampton organising these events.

Your main budgetary items will most likely be the cost of hall hire for finals day for the team competitions.
CS are responsible for organising finals day at the one venue

As HD, you are another link between the leagues and CS, also you have to organise a home board, members of which come from affiliated league plus others appointed by the HD.
It's hard not to be apathetic about anything involving politics, and with what has gone on in the past (and present) in Chess Scotland.

Maybe it would help if I knew something about the president. Who is Hamish Glen? I know absolutely nothing about him. I've never seen him post on this forum or write anything anywhere.
On that subject can people please stop sending me emails claiming to be friends and asking for proxy votes etc. etc.

One thing I am very happy about is Jonny Edwards going for the marketing role. This guy can really make a difference (no pressure).
Hamish is a member of Bellshill Chess Club and is active in the Glasgow Chess League of which he is the Treasurer.

He is about my age and has been playing as long (I remember him as a schoolboy). He is a retired teacher and was Deputy Head of a secondary school.

It is disappointing to hear that proxies are being sought - much better to encourage people to actually attend and listen to any points raised.

If anyone is seeking to give their proxy that can be done. Such proxies can (should?) indicate the way to vote on any issue. A proxy given to an individual cannot be guaranteed to be used in the way intended so I would advise only giving proxies to those you can trust. Proxies can be given for a single issue or for all matters.
The Customer Services post was devised as a way of getting Alex Bisset on to the board of Chess Scotland. You can see the election in the 2005 AGM minutes. It was meant to be a director to oversee membership, website and grading issues. Alex Bisset had transformed a lot of the computing functions of CS so was the obvious candidate. When Alex departed the chess scene the following year the post was not really relevant. It was meant to be redefined a couple of years ago but it never happened.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> - there's the old file of director roles/responsibilities.
The Customer Services Director was described by Andy Howie last year as being responsible for sorting out the travel arrangements for the various international squads, as part of a redefined role. I believe that there were other responsibilities as well.

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