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AGM Candidates
I'm happy to see some of the younger guys like Calum and Jonathan getting involved. It's a very positive sign!
Ditto that -

Customer Services Director
No takers - Job spec does seems redundant? perhaps spec should be changed such as a non exec role to help cover issues such as bringing the SCA/SJCA closer ( divisions still seem apparent) An independent person to review procedures or to try and resolve problems amicably . Also co-ordinate members wish lists such as improving the forum /website PGNs for Geoff etc

Volunteers - supporting roles
Many folk don't come forward as they don't know how much time is involved or have as much time because of work family etc - It wouldn't be a bad idea to get some back list/back up support as they are many others who I'm sure would help out.
People should apply for the 2 vacant posts - they can tailor them to the situation - if workload too much can resign mid season- better filled than empty
I don't think that it is right that non-member parents get emailed asking for what can only be their children's proxy vote. Is this the way that a campaign for re-election should be run?

We should be looking for more than just electing a President based on who is best at getting contacting their email list to get proxy votes without any sort of debate or statement. A brief statement at the AGM is not sufficient for people to decide who is best for Chess Scotland and also prevents those who wish to submit proxies the chance to decide based on what the candidates wish to do.

I think that it would be beneficial for both candidates for President to set out statements on here saying what they want to achieve for Chess Scotland over the bext 12 months. It would also allow members to raise questions and this way allow people to make their judgement based on policies and not just taking sides on any ongoing disputes.

Some of the questions that I would like answered are:

- what are your main goals for the next 12 months?
- what are you going to do to increase the chess playing in Scotland?
- do you have any plans to improve CS's relationship with Holyrood?
- do you have any plans to mend any of the fences that have been broken over the past 12 months?

I'm sure others would add other questions.
Andrew McHarg Wrote:I'm happy to see some of the younger guys like Calum and Jonathan getting involved. It's a very positive sign!

Agreed. It's great to have some enthusiastic young blood getting involved.
Quote:do you have any plans to mend any of the fences that have been broken over the past 12 months?
good luck with that one. it will take the wisdom of Solomon and the endeavor of Henry Kissinger to mend those fences. Fences stay mended if they are repaired on both sides.
should proxy votes get full value ? someone who bothers to turn up should get a higher rate
proxies could be multiplied by 0.5 say
At a previous AGM Michael Hanley brought in a substantial proxy vote which swamped everything
Proxy votes should absolutely get full value; members may not be able to attend the AGM, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to influence decisions. To give one example, Jonathan Edwards can't manage it because he has a pre-existing coaching commitment at a training day in the north-east of the country, so someone else will have to deliver his marketing director spiel and exercise his vote. I'd struggle to argue that that isn't fair.

I'm not particularly wild about the idea of people turning up with 40 open proxy votes, and I'd be very uncomfortable about any motion being passed or candidate being elected through proxies despite being opposed by the majority of attendees, but it is kind of how democracy works.
Surely a contender for the funniest post of the year one from above by Andy Muir!

Now, wait a minute, he may be on to something here, perhaps we can allocate votes by height...

Say, wee Kai Pannwitz gets 0.4 of a vote and Steve Mannion senior gets 1.2 votes. No platform shoes or mohicans allowed at the official measure.
can anyone remember how many proxy votes Michael Hanley had one year ? Was it 60 ?

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