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Leaving the board during play
I had an opponent recently who left the board more often than usual.
Then I realised he is a smoker.
I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine
Patrick McGovern Wrote:if the player recognises him/herself then perhaps they should comment? I'm sure they would not wish to continue with a shadow cast over their reputation, then again given the actions maybe they dont care Sad

Pat McGovern –Quote

Just for the record I don’t recall ever playing against Graham.

I did once have a game (outside Scotland) where my opponent vigourously chewed his fingernails every time it was my move – I found that I kept waiting for him to finish. No I didn’t speak to either player or arbiter. What else could I do ? Once you admit to yourself that something is annoying – it only becomes more and more annoying.
:\ ??
It's ok Phil, wasn't you...

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