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British Universities 2013
robin moore Wrote:Adam,

Have you got a link to the results please?


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First round PGN is up, along with first 3 rounds results, and tomorrow's pairings.
Thanks Adam.

You know that trick when you are a gaffer (Head of Delegation) and you tie a bit of string on to your ankle and also on to the door handle of older juniors that might try and sneak out at night for a pint?
I am still having treatment for ligament damage from one of your team.
Day 2 results:

Edinburgh 2- LSE1 2
Edinburgh 1.5- Warwick 2.5

Team has finished 6th overall, so not a fantastic result all told. Congratulations to Imperial, the 2013 champions, beating Warwick by half a game point.
Unlucky guys. Always next year!
Adam, it's a better result than not having a team at all which was the case when I was an Edinburgh student! You guys have done a great job of resurrecting the uni club and particularly good to see you and Jonathan making an impact - Bon Accord's loss is Edinburgh Uni (and Scottish Blitz's) gain.

Best of luck getting a strong team together for next year and look forward to catching up when I'm back in Scotland.
I should have also included Hamish in that last post as well!
Thanks for the support, guys.

In the end it was the draws with Bristol and LSE1 that cost us... more specifically my losses in both those matches! In the match vs Bristol, Boris was offered a draw with all games still being played and turned it down. As it happens if he had taken the draw we would've won the match - hindsight is a wonderful thing. (of course, playing on was the right decision as he felt he could win).

Well done to Imperial!

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