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queen promotion
What actually happens when you don't have a spare Queen? I mean I know most people just put a Rook upside down or something, but is the opponent supposed to assume it's a Queen? Would be funny if they assumed it was a Queen and then you moved it as if it was a Knight and completely demolished their position as a result. Would the opponent have a leg to stand on Alex? :U
If an upside doen rool is puy on the board and your opponent objects then that is exactly what it is. You are aloowed to turn it the right way up however Big Grin

The correct action is to stop the clock and ask the arbiter to get you another queen (or whatever).
Giffnock needed new sets, so last year we purchased sets with 2 queens. Surprisingly, to me at least, quite a few people have claimed to be put off by the extra queens by the board at the start of the game.

In my first league match with the new sets I was getting hammered, and I played on in order to allow my opponent to promote, and to have both queens on the board. Sadly in doing so, he lost on time. (I wasn't aware this was going to happen, and did not play for it, but took the win anyway)

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