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I doubt if there is anything more current. Well done for finding it; I just have my own on my computer. I agree it should all be updated.

My recollection is that the FD situation was mentioned at Council, though can't be absolutely sure.
Ken_Stewart Wrote:My recollection is that the FD situation was mentioned at Council, though can't be absolutely sure.

I didn't hear any mention of it at the Council meeting.
Wish to thank Mac for maintaining a high standard whilst doing his directorship.
Confident that David will carry on the good work. Also wish to thank David for
his kindness to my 2 down in North Shields. Massive!
I have known David Congalton for approximately thirty years. He is an extremely honest, hard working guy who has been a massive help to me in the last year with everything connected with travel, accommodation and finance, not only with the very successful and popular Prestwick congress which he has organised from scratch but also in all junior matters which he is incredibly committed to. I strongly recommend everyone to support him,

For those who don’t know me or know little about me, a little bit of what I hope is relevant information.

I am the Company accountant working for a successful family run business, which has grown in every one of the seven years I have worked with them. I am responsible for everything financial to do with the business and also produce, analyse and utilise management accounting reports.

My job title is only a small indication of the work I do for the firm. Among other things, I operate the payroll, recruitment and personnel (Human Resources, if you must) side of things, oversee the office administration and work closely with the Director’s to continually develop the business and drive it forward.

I have worked, I do work and I will continue to work, very hard at making our Company as successful as it is. I am successful in what I do for a living for many reasons. I am innovative, willing to learn continually, embrace new ideas and technology, push myself hard and work with others to get the best out of them.

If elected I fully intend to bring all of my experience, ability and knowledge to the financial role with Chess Scotland and continue the fantastic work that Mac has done during his long tenure in the role.

Mac will be an incredibly hard act to follow and I did consider not agreeing to be a candidate for the position, as it could be so difficult to be the immediate successor to Mac. However, I do also like a challenge.

Eighteen months ago I set myself a challenge. It was Christmas and I was bored. Having returned to playing chess a year or so before I wanted to give something back to the game which I had rediscovered and which was providing me with so much enjoyment, in what were difficult times for myself and my family. I decided to organise a 2nd weekend chess congress in Ayrshire, to compliment the highly successful Marymass Congress.

I was very pleased with how the 2011 event went and with the help of some good friends, I think that the 2012 event was even better. I am already working on the 3rd Prestwick Congress to take place at the end of May 2013 and planning to make it bigger and better than both previous events.

Click on <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> for a look at the 2012 event.

In addition to the 2013 Prestwick Congress, I have also made arrangements for Scotland’s first Grand Master, Paul Motwani, to visit Ayrshire for a few days at the start of May 2013 when he will give some coaching and entertaining talks, which will be open to all who wish to attend. I intend to combine a one day tournament on the Saturday of Paul’s visit, with a talk by Paul. During his visit school children from my former school, Greenwood Academy, (which Robin Moore will tell you but I won’t, was also Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s secondary school) will have the opportunity to take on the Grand Master.

I know all positions are up for re-election each year but if elected, I would like to have at least three years in the role and would look to work with all involved in Chess Scotland to build on the foundation that is in place, maximise our resources and increase the income of Chess Scotland.

With regard to the latter, if I were successful in becoming Finance Director, I would like to see the role of marketing director combined with that of the financial director for a period of three years. I think this is a great opportunity to drive the profile, market value and appeal of Chess Scotland forward at all levels. I think the two roles are very compatible and combining the two for a three year period would give me the chance to plan, develop and implement a long term marketing strategy, which would benefit Chess Scotland members and representatives for years to come.

I was very tempted to put myself forward for this role last year but due to uncertainty surrounding my dad’s health I felt I would not be able to give all I wanted to, to such a role. Sadly, things didn’t go the way I hoped, wished and prayed for with my dad and not putting myself forward last year was the right decision to make.

I am now ready, able and more than willing to put a whole load of energy, ideas and good old fashioned hard work into marketing Chess Scotland to current members and players, to potential new members and players and to potential sponsors, advertisers and other funding bodies.

I will say that I think the marketing of CS and all it does would be best done by a team. Recent postings on the junior part of the forum and two events this summer show that there are some good people with some good ideas out there. My first task as a marketing director (combined or not with a financial role) would be to put together a team of willing and able people from all regions who would work together to promote CS and fundraise for CS at regional and national levels.

I promise full commitment to one or both positions, if the members of Chess Scotland are kind enough to give me the opportunity.

I’m more than happy to answer any questions via e-mail or in person at the AGM. You can contact me by e-mail via the coach list page of the Chess Scotland website.

Oh, I do still intend to play a lot of chess too, in my wee minor sections.
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