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Scottish Council election - Hamilton players
Angus McDonald Wrote:Oh! how smart the Dear leader is if he picks the date of this historical victory over the English . Must be some kind of joke surely, or the final push in the 'Anti English' band wagon. If not what does this 'crass' symbolism mean? Granted it plays well to his core support but he'll have to come up with some pretty fancy bluster to explain this to the brighter ones amongst us.

If Salmond is stupid enough to have the ballot on the 700th anniversary of Bannockburn I'll eat my hat. He is a much more savvy operator than that (love him or loathe him).

At any rate, I thought the great leader said the ballot was in Autumn 2014, since when was June in Autumn? :\ Unless of course you are using the Calendar of Romulus? =|
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
Hmm... The Calendar of Romulus? That's a bit devious, don't you think? Been studying your Flank Openings again, David?

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