Full Version: Scottish Council election - Hamilton players
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Michael Hanley and myself are standing as candidates - wonder who'll get the most votes
George Galloway probably Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Are you the "Andy Muir" standing in Shettleston, or the "Andy Muir" standing in Baillieston, Andy?

Either way, I'll say Michael will get the most votes =)
I must be missing something here:

- What Scottish Council Election?

- What post is it for?

- Is post the advertised anywhere, and when?

Has this come about as a result of the SGM, if so then isn't this post a bit early since the meeting minutes aren't yet published.
The May council elections. Both Mike and Andy are standing as councillers

Gawd help us all Big Grin

I'm glad I live on the East Coast.
I bet Mike gets most votes, Big Grin
I hear he is giving out free chess lessons for votes :p
surely a local bookie will offer odds?
can i ask, for which parties are you standing for?
Mike is standing for the SNP which I believe in his case means Sausage, Nae Peas.

Andrew is Independant in Dumbarton.
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