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Scottish Chess Magazine
Feb 2012 copy dropped through my letter box this mornign and have to say I was completely bowled over with new layout and production quality. Very impressive!

Thanks Peter!
Ditto - very good quality!

Though with the prevalence of photos in the new layout, I shall have to make sure I am smartly dressed at tournaments now, in case I get snapped.
I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine
It was a pleasant surprise to come home from a weekend's toil in England to find the new edition of Scottish Chess on my office desk; my wife actually asked me if I had subscribed to yet another chess magazine!!!

Great quality and layout - the articles were excellent before but I found game scores / annotations could be quite hard work. Not any more.
well done Mr Woods, i really enjoyed this edition. Its a great idea to invite contributions (and get them too!)
long may it continue. Big Grin
Just to say that the last issue was no fluke and the April 2012 edition I received today is of excellent quality too.
I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine
Well done Peter another excellent read. My favourite articles were 'Back to the board' and 'In the spotlight' however every single piece was well written and interesting.

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