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Scottish Chess Magazine - George Neave - 12-03-2012

Feb 2012 copy dropped through my letter box this mornign and have to say I was completely bowled over with new layout and production quality. Very impressive!

Thanks Peter!

Re: Scottish Chess Magazine - Alan Jelfs - 12-03-2012

Ditto - very good quality!

Though with the prevalence of photos in the new layout, I shall have to make sure I am smartly dressed at tournaments now, in case I get snapped.

Re: Scottish Chess Magazine - Mike Mitchell - 12-03-2012

It was a pleasant surprise to come home from a weekend's toil in England to find the new edition of Scottish Chess on my office desk; my wife actually asked me if I had subscribed to yet another chess magazine!!!

Great quality and layout - the articles were excellent before but I found game scores / annotations could be quite hard work. Not any more.

Re: Scottish Chess Magazine - Patrick McGovern - 13-03-2012

well done Mr Woods, i really enjoyed this edition. Its a great idea to invite contributions (and get them too!)
long may it continue. Big Grin

Re: Scottish Chess Magazine - Alan Jelfs - 14-05-2012

Just to say that the last issue was no fluke and the April 2012 edition I received today is of excellent quality too.

Re: Scottish Chess Magazine - RFRASER - 16-05-2012

Well done Peter another excellent read. My favourite articles were 'Back to the board' and 'In the spotlight' however every single piece was well written and interesting.