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Lichess online activity
Hi everyone,

hope you are doing ok.

We are running a blitz event on lichess this evening - 3mins +.2sec / move increment  It's quite informal, and you can sign up through the link below:

Password is 1822.  We had 39 players last week - was a lot of fun.

Edinburgh are also involved in a UK Team Blitz competition - up to 10 teams can sign up, and individuals then join the event through their team.  You get paired against players only from team members, and the top 5 point scorers contribute to your club total.  Would be interesting to do something similar with Scottish clubs if there was interest?
I think Bon Accord would be interested. We are currently playing in 4ncl and also 2020 chess a lot of fun with teams from all over world and a very flexible format)
We're going again on Wednesday at 7.45pm.  Link is

and password 1822.  All welcome!  The event runs for 90 minutes - it's fine to join or leave whenever.  Smile

Stay safe everyone and enjoy your online chess.
Hi Neil
I'll be playing. I've also sent you an email as well if you can get back to me at some point.
Great to see more online events happening, and I hope everyone keeping safe.

We had 52 players last week - largest to date. This week's link is below:

Password 1822. 7.45pm start on Wednesday evening. All welcome again!
will Do Neil , I got ties up last week but i'll be there this week
(12-05-2020, 06:52 PM)Ianbrownlee Wrote: will Do Neil , I got ties up last week but i'll be there this week

Thanks Ian, "see" you shortly
Hi Neil
are you running another one next week?
Hi Ian (and everyone!)

Yes, we go again on Wednesday 7.45pm. Link is here:

All welcome as usual.
Cheers Neil you're doing a grand job here

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