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Lindores Abbey
from chess 24 :
Magnus leaves the building: "This week I’m going to Denmark for a small exhibition, then I’m going to Scotland to play a rapid tournament this weekend against Vishy, Ding & some Russian, probably Karjakin. Then the weekend after that it’s Norway Chess, so it’s pretty busy!"
Further evidence from Karjakin himself that it is likely to be him:
The News Item has now been updated.

Sergey Karjakin is confirmed as the 4th Grandmaster, not that it was much of a secret anyway.

Some more information on the Saturday "Activities"

18:00 – 19:30    (approximate timings) Activities
  • Simultaneous by Vishy Anand -- playing against 8 Scottish Juniors
    • Pranav Arcot
    • Marco D'Alessio
    • Jonathan McKay
    • Jake Sanger
    • Rachel Smith
    • Liam Tang
    • Ben Volland
    • to be confirmed
  • Magnus Carlsen Masterclass in VIP area -  (Restricted attendance and invitees only). Chess Scotland is being represented by local juniors Declan Shafi and Euan Dawson.
  • Grandmasters Ding Liren and Sergey Karjakin to give a session and arrange a photo session in the "long corridor" of the distillery.
Please note that the Masterclass attendees are invites only and all places are allocated.  CS was allocated 2 local juniors.

The 8th Junior playing in the simul. is
* Ioannis Dabos-Doukas
Some links to the Chessbase videos in case you missed them.
Photos coming soon.

Videos from Sagar Shah (Chessbase)
  1. Linodres Walkabout
  2. Kids

  3. Pitcairlie House

  4. Drew McKenzie-Smith (Owner at Lindores)

I have added some photos to the news page in case you missed them :-)

(Place the mouse over a picture and then click to see a larger version)
Just wondering how both the Simuls went? Any results for any of our players against either Vishy or Karjakin...?
Apologies if its posted elsewhere Tongue
Both Anand and Karjakin won all their games.

Having said that there was some good chess played by the Scottish players.  I have emailed all and asked for a copy of the games - some have come in already with others still to come. Andy B is also looking for them for the next issue of Scottish Chess e-Mag.
Excellent, look forward to seeing them in the eMag then!
I have now added a link on the News Page item to a Video, from Chessbase India, showing the Anand Simultaneous matches v CS Juniors.

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