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Lindores Abbey
Following a meeting at Lindores Abbey yesterday I have now added a post to the News page with all information currently available.

Please note that at this time, and despite what may be said elsewhere, the 4th Grandmaster has not yet been confirmed.

I will add updates as and when any changes or further information becomes available.

There is a downloadable PDF version available via News page and copied below.

Chess Stars at Lindores Information Sheet

It is an interesting schedule that has been announced

o 13:00 Arrival of the Grandmasters
o 13:30 – 17:00 3 rounds Rapidplay 10 minute intervals between rounds.
▪ 13:30 Round 1
▪ 14:45 Round 2
▪ 16:00 Round 3
o 17:30 Summary of the Game of the Day
Discussion of results / games with players
o 18:00 – 19:00 Activities

Activities could mean anything - perhaps a tour of the Abbey and drinking whisky? but I'm not sure what games with players involves. Perhaps it could be games with journalists, but there isn't much time for it.
The "activities" are chess related but are not yet in a position to formally announce anything.  This is one of the problems with long distance organisation.

Something gets put forward, then the need to work out the practicalities, then goes back to organisers for comment and approval. I'm afraid it all takes time but it I'm only advising and personally it is the organisers who make the decisions.  

I thought it was better to put out what is now in place, with approval from the Abbey, and then add updates as more details come in. The program was created by the chess organisers and I simply reformatted with the Abbey personnel.

Games with players - maybe that could be better worded. Some of the wording is direct from a Russian email and it was just copied directly into the programme - it means that the players will discuss the results of their encounters and then discuss(analyse) the actual games played that day.
Jim has thrown us a bit of a curveball there, Why would there be any Russian involvement in the setting of the schedule? - the plot thicken.
It sound like 17.30 should read "Press Conference with the Players"
Hi Matt,

The tournament organisers are based in Russia. They are the ones talking to the players, satisfying their requirements, and letting Lindores know what they require to cater for.

17:03 - the statement for this timeslot is what was intimated in an email from the organisers. (extract below)

------> 16:30-17:00 - summary of the game of the day. discussion of the results together with the players

I'm not actually throwing any curveballs, simply passing on what has been endorsed by the organisers and Lindores.

I should emphasis out that this is not a Chess Scotland event - we are simply providing local assistance and support to Lindores and in doing so providing information for CS members through it's website.

This event is organised and managed by the Investors and Directors of Lindores.

I wasn't trying to be critical, it was just a mystery that a tournament in deepest Scotland, with players from Norway, India and China would have correspondence in Russian.
Now I see that I can look up the directors and see the Russian connection
We’ve got a little promotional video on the Abbey website, but it only features the three players, so we still don’t know the fourth. I am still available.
Chess Results showing Dubov as the 4th player. Is this confirmed?
The chess-results data is currently wrong - the 4th GM will not be confirmed until 22nd May.

Anything else is simply speculation I'm afraid.
Thanks Jim, I'll speculate a little because it is rather fun when we so rarely have players of this class visiting Scotland. 

Dubov is playing in the Moscow Grand Prix - a knock-out - and round 2 tie breaks finish on May 22nd. The 4th player will be a Russian who is eliminated in one of the first two rounds...

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