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Kircaldy Chess Congress
Thanks to all the competitors in the inaugural Kirkcaldy Chess Congress.

Prize winners


First = : Ian Marks (4/5) £110 (1st after tiebreak)
First = : Nicolas Skettos (4/5) £90 (2nd after tiebreak)


First : William Clinton (4.5/5) £200


First = :  Graham Wilson (4/5) £77 (1st after tiebreak)
First = :  Terry Doherty (4/5) ( £67 (2nd after tiebreak)
First = :  Derek Coope (4/5) £57 (3rd after tiebreak)

Prize Draw

Walter Pearson £35

Thanks also to John McNicoll, Chess Scotland and the Dean Park Hotel and a special thank you to those who donated to the event.
And for your edification and amusement the games from the Under 2000 can be seen by clicking here.
Feeling both edified and amused by these game uploads - a good recent trend thanks!
Thanks Hamish, don't expect it to happen every event, it will depend on number of games to be able to publish them this quickly.

And we were fortunate that the entrants, for the most part, produced score sheets that could be read and mostly accurate, which makes a change.

One of the most common errors being not defining which of 2 knights or 2 rooks can move to a common square.

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