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Chess tournaments in Ireland
From our cousins across the sea:

Greetings from the Irish Chess Union,

We do hope you'll share our events with your members and visit us yourselves in future if you ever get the chance as we're always happy to meet with our counterparts from fellow federations and share ideas and plans.

With Kindest Regards,
John McMorrow

The Limerick Open takes place from the 29-31 October, 2016 in the luxurious Savoy Hotel, Limerick, Ireland. Past winners include GM Nick Pert, GM Petr Neumann, GM Alex Baburin, and GM Gergely Szabo. In its 11th year, the Limerick Open organisers will look to add to that impressive list of winners next month.

The 40th annual Kilkenny Congress will take place in Butler House, Kilkenny over the weekend of the 25-27 November. The event regularly attracts over 300 players including many top GMs such as past winners GM Michael Adams, GM John Nunn, GM Ivan Cheparinov. GM Luke McShane, GM Stuart Conquest, and most recently GM Bogdan Lalic, GM Sebastien Maze, GM Mark Hebden and GM Gawain Jones. As one of the biggest weekenders in Europe with a prize fund over 5,000 euro, the Kilkenny Congress will look to mark its 40th anniversary in style!

The 15th annual Gonzaga Classic will take place from 27-29 January and as usual, all the proceeds will go to charity. The event takes place right in the heart of Dublin city with its vibrant night life and tourist friendly attractions. The event has had many strong winners including IM Sam Collins who are part of the club itself and will look to surpass 200 entrants and raise over 3,000 euro for worthy causes.

Finally, the Bunratty Congress will take place from February 17-19 in the Bunratty Castle Hotel, Limerick. The largest event on the Irish calendar with over 350 entrants annually and a roll of honour that includes some of the top players in the world. 2016 GM Nigel Short, 2015 GM Wesley So, 2014 (and '11) GM Gawain Jones, 2012-13 GM Michael Adams, 2010 Alex Baburin and 2008-09 Peter Svidler.
Thanks for the info. would love to come to Ireland. Got any tourneys during school holidays please?

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