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Dundee & Angus Congress notice
Phil Thomas Wrote:Everyone,
I am not going to go into the legalities of giving financial advise other than to state that I am not a qualified Independent Financial Advisor.

Jings, that's a blow.
No need to be embarrassed _ you are not alone.

It would be jolly interesting if you had an eye witness report of the activity at the centre this weekend to compare directly with the activity during the chess weekend.

A double edged sword of course
Ian - intreegwing. I'll be in touch.

Phil - I'm not sure it would tell us much. As far as I know any kind of use of the function room is sporadic. And any kind of comparison with our weekend might be misleading not least because when we hold ours it is at a quiet time for them - past managers/supervisors have been quite open with me about that. Whisper this quietly but I was told that, had it not been for our event last year, the venue would not have made budget. If anyone can explain the logic of driving away a regular event when there is not likely to be any kind of alternative income please do tell.

Will there be live boards at Dundee?

Unfortunately not. I had provisionally arranged with Andy Howie to have them but that was contingent on Andy being free from work commitments and he is not.

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