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I have to advise that David Lloyd’s have, at late notice, reneged on the agreed price and conditions of our hire and are demanding a hefty increase in the hire fee. We have the funds to meet this demand and this year’s congress is secure. Next year however, their hire fee will increase to £1000 per day and furniture would have to be hired separately as now. This is unrealistic so this year will be the last at the current venue.
Terrible news Keith. Is what they have done even legal?
What a bunch of disgusting chancers they are (and I toned that one down)! Goodness knows how much great business they have had over the years from the folks at this ever popular congress.
Now wouldn't it be a shame if in this final year all the entrants/parents/partners attending found somewhere else to eat and drink during breaks.
They might be chancers but it would be a good idea if all the entrants/partners/parents went out of their way to use the facilities at the venue. To let the hosts know how much business they would be losing next year.

Thus optimising the chances of next year's few being reduced by negotiation down to a reasonable amount.
As the congress has been at this venue for some time I would have thought it must be obvious to the David Lloyd centre how much business they will be losing.
How much would you say would be a reasonable daily fee for next year ?
The David Lloyd centre in Dundee has always been a wonderful venue for player parent spectator.

My experience of using other David Lloyd venues, in the Glasgow area, is that facilities are good and cost can be largely at discretion of the local manager.

Hopefully the David Lloyd chain won't see the description of them in Robin's post. Apart from its libellous nature that post could scupper future hires.

First rule of marketing sports events. Always look after your sponsors.

Clearly the value of the tournament to the Dundee site was not obvious to the local management.That value can only be measured via the turnover of the site on the chess weekend compared with similar weekends. I don't have access to the sites accounts. Without that data we only have mere speculation.

To repeat my earlier point.
Any deliberate avoidance of using the catering facilities at the Dundee congress can only make it harder for chess organisers to negotiate with David Lloyd centres in future.

Enjoy the event in 8 days time. One of the best on the circuit.

Not too late to enter......
Well that's me banged to rights!
Thank goodness we have economic gurus such as Phil to provide ChessScotland and independent event organisers with sound financial advice regarding congress events.
The David Lloyd centres are of course all wonderful and there will doubtless be long queues of prospective organisers jostling with each other in the rush to book these fantastic venues.
If they renege on promised prices, don't give a jot as it's much more important to keep these national treasures on your side.
If they shove the price up to a grand a day say? A mere trifle, you should be happy to pay double that for the privilege of being under their roof.
Remember organisers, if you need any financial advice, you have an economics expert close at hand.
Well anyway ...

Andy - possibly a legal issue in theory but there was nothing in writing (other than past invoices indicating a trend) but not a path we'd go down. Mutual trust has been a common theme until now.

A little flesh on the historical bones - I have dealt with a succession of functional managers who all understood the point that I made every year - better to have an event that makes them a modest profit every year than a one-off biggy (like a wedding) and no certainty of getting this every year, particularly at a time of year when they are almost always quiet. In addition to the room hire they also got money from the sale of weekend passes (at next to no cost to them) and income from food and drink - not just the 'special' menus but other offerings and not a little alcohol.

I wouldn't advocate a boycott of the food not least because it would be counterproductive. Although there are other convenient outlets nearby - a point regularly stressed - many players would perhaps struggle to find time between rounds. I think the point would be lost on current management anyway and it has been made very clear that there is no possibility of negotiating a lower rate in the future.

Re DLL generally Edinburgh Congress used the Newhaven club and paid what I, and they, considered exorbitent fees so perhaps the local managers don't have as much leeway as they once did.

There are a couple of other points that I would happily talk about but won't put into print.

I am hoping for a good entry now just for the satisfaction of going out with a bang. Come one, come all!


You touch on a recurring theme from my past experiences. For many venues the hire costs for a wedding are exorbitant and the managers (s) make subliminal comparisons.

I am not going to go into the legalities of giving financial advise other than to state that I am not a qualified Independent Financial Advisor.

However it's good to know that this notice board still allows me to express opinions based upon my experience of actual historical events. If you disagree with my opinions please feel free to say so. That's how this forum should work.
we need to talk . I'm working on a few things both as Home Director and also within my own IT business.

In short I may have a way out for you. Let this year go ahead and I agree with Phil (I don't believe it!) show the venue what they wll be missing
give me a call or email me
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