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SNCL Sunday
Hi, Div 4 is going to be a team short this Sunday. I need 5 players to make up a team so that we don't have a bye. Anyone interested in playing please?

I am about to send a club email out re this, I'd say its 50/50 we can raise a team and can let you know tomorrow after gauging the feedback. What time does it start, and what time does the last round finish please?

EDIT: Also can you tell me what teams we would play on Sunday (it would be useful to know to help entice certain players).
It looks favourable now Glynis about 75/25 chance of raising a full team. Members have been chess player-ish today and mostly not got back to me but its a club night today, so should be able to confirm for 100% in a few hours.
For anyone following this thread, just to update, regrettably we could not raise a team for a cameo at the SNCL this weekend.
It's fine folks I have managed to raise a team so there will be no bye on Sunday. Any spare players who want to play come along anyway as I am sure there will be at least one team defaulting a board so you are highly likely to get a gradable friendly.

Are there any more teams out there intending not to come on Sunday. Now's your chance to tell me!!

I thought I should let you know that I will not be playing on Sunday. Recovering slowly from a heart problem
Irvine Park need a player for sunday; anyone available?? Smile
Sorry to hear you are unwell Stephen, take care.


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