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SNCL lost property
Hi folks, the following was left at the venue today.

Blue jacket, probably a child's.

Blue water bottle.

Biege basketball style cap and grey woollen scarf. These were together and probably belong to the same person.

If these things belong to you please email me and arrange pick up.

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Hi Glynis

I have a feeling that I may have let a blue jacket, with a fleece zipped inside, on the back of the chair I was sitting on. I can be quite childish at times but I think my jacket would be to big for a normal sized child. I didn't see any giant children there today.

Of course, my jacket could still be in my car but as I just wanted to get in my house and have a nice cup of coffee and a rather large slice of cheesecake, I couldn't be bothered moving all the chess equipment from the back seat of my car to see if my jacket was underneath it all.

If I have left it behind, my apologies for the hassle. Could I pick it up at SNCL next month? If that's a problem I'll make some arrangements with you to collect at a time suitable to you.

Thanks to you and your team (and the staff at the Glen) for another enjoyable Sunday.

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That'okay David. I'll be able to give it to you at Oban. The jacket is a light blue colour and I dont remember it having a fleece insert.
Any other takers. Im happy to start a bidding war if necessary :-*
If it looks like the light blue version of this one <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... et-p301204</a><!-- m --> it was mine. I'm fairly sure I didn't pay £34.99 for it though, as there was a sale on.

I will be spending this week sewing name tags into my clothes, in preparation for Oban or I might just adopt my middle name and go shopping at Asda. Tesco would be too confusing.
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Yep looks like it is yours!

As the weather is getting colder you'd better add a string to your mittens so we can stick them inside the sleeves of the jacket when I return it to uou at Oban. Dont want them to wander!

I dont seem to have a taker for the cap and scarf yet.

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