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SNCL Entries
Ok Glynis I accept the points you make. It would have been helpful though to know beforehand that we were on a bye round and that div 4 was to be played as a Swiss. I wasn't able to be present and a parent helper who was with the team reported that a team hadn't turned up. I'm trying to pick up the pieces from a fairly crushing defeat and an empty afternoon. No way of doing that apart from it being retrospective given the circumstances. I'll see how the rest of the competition pans out before deciding on future participation. Matter closed!

I have just seen the round 1 results. The round 2 are being sent to me.

The draw they had to make for round 2 was probably the worst case set of results possible. I have made a prediction on paper on what they did.

6 games, 1 draw, 5 Black team wins. That is as bad as doing a draw can be!! Each team needs to be white and Black in a day which made the arbiters job very hard.

David Congalton tried very hard to get a scratch team together to avoid this and play as NAC. It was not to be. If anyone could have pulled it off, David could. We always try to get an even number of teams even if we have to resurrect a team from Glynis' school to fill in. The school was on holiday which meant we couldn't (Glynis really tried to get a team as a filler)

We hate having byes, Nothing annoys us more than a team having to sit out. We try as hard as we can to avoid it but sometimes things happen outwith our control.

Saw the giant killer. All I can say is WOW!
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
Thanks Andy. Not easy I agree. Happy to move on
Thanks for the results Andy, but is it possible to see the name of the victim in the biggest giant killing act of the season. Well done Matilda and Liam from Lenzie.
Also regarding previous posts can we have the third round draw soon please. The unlucky team to have the bye will have time to decide what to do and Glynnis will have time to raise a team for a graded friendly.

Iain Hope
I'd love to have Matilda at Lenzie but she's not under contract yet :-)
Iain Hope Wrote:is it possible to see the name of the victim in the biggest giant killing act of the season

You can find it in the results bit. I'm not convinced naming and shaming a kid is the most appropriate thing to do.
There's no shame in losing to Liam Tang. Just ask any of the players he's beaten this year.

Undoubtably one of the fastest improving juniors over the last 2 years (CS Grade 102 in Nov 2013)
Agree, would be insensitive to name and shame another fast improving kid on a public form when the results can easily be looked up!
Geoff (Chandler) once gave a few of us a puzzle/teaser: opponent's king on d4 (or any central square), with your king on a1 (or any irrelevant square)... place 2 rooks and a knight on the board so that it's checkmate. It took Clément over 5 minutes to solve and others, including myself, gave up.

I gave the same puzzle to Matilda at Sciennes once. It took her less than 1 minute. Chess is a funny game! =Smile
Does it have to be a position that could have occurred legally?

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