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Anyone catch this film on CH5? A gory gangster film with Chess! At least 2 scenes were set
in a Chess Club, bad guy Avi played by singer Andre [of Hey Ya fame] is a keen player and
challenges even badder guy Jason Statham. Avi plays the Nimzovitch -Larsen attack but he
doesn't know that Jason has been taught chess whilst in jail and is checkmated. About
4 games are featured all ending in mate, thus we have 2 good players who couldn't see the mate
I lost count of the body count but it was odd to see Tony from Coronation St as an enforcer
for Ray Liotta.
PS Its a complicated film best watched after a few drinks.
caught bits of it but i recorded it for watching later...
I did notice one mate delivered by JS where his queen (giving the mate) appeared to be en pris to his opponent's bishop...
Could be that the Director was making a comparison with his very complicated
plot and the many variations in the game of Chess.

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