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Team Scotland at the 4NCL
Dates for 2015/16 SNCL have already been agreed with the venue and put us back to our proper setting of end of month Oct/Nov Feb/March -- Please ask 4NCL to change their dates Smile) Smile) Smile)

Seriously though I don't want to muck our venue around as we have an excellent rapport with them and the fees are manageable. If you want the dates changed please a) confirm with me well in advance of the season 17/18 b) be prepared for problems getting the venue as it is very popular for weddings, blood bank and other occasions.
Or c) vote me out and take over the organisation of SNCL yourselves!!! (I've done it for nearly twenty years the populous may enjoy a change of leader!!!)

And with a few clicks of a mouse it seems there is no clash in dates between the leagues next season.
So that's one excuse gone.
More specifically the 4NCL web site gives

4NCL Dates 2015-16 - for your diary

Main 4NCL:

14-15 November 2015

16-17 January 2016

13-14 February 2016

19-20 March 2016

30 April-2 May 2016

Junior 4NCL

3-4 October 2015 (incl. 4NCL Rapidplay)

21-22 November 2015

23-24 January 2016


Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport (Divisions 1 and 2, Junior 4NCL/4NCL Rapidplay)

Park Inn Telford (Divisions 3 South and 4)
it's too expensive to play 4NCL
train = £100, room = £100, total = £200
£100 per game
Ah, that's good news, glad the SNCL's back to the normal dates. Doesn't feel right the clocks going back without trekking up to Dunfermline the next morning.
Hee Hee You gave me a good chuckle. I will need to see what other devilish things I can make happen!!!

Quote:I will need to see what other devilish things I can make happen!!!
Maybe have a Scottish team play in the 4NCL? :ymhug: :ymhug: :ymhug:
Alba have now confirmed their entry in Division 3 North of the 4NCL. Excellent news! Smile Smile Smile

We also have an Isle of Man team entering Division 3 North for the first time. Exciting times!

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