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Team Scotland at the 4NCL
There have been discussions in Scottish chess circles that it would be great to have a team representing Scotland in the 4NCL. For anyone (2000+) interested in being involved next season please contact me: davidcoswald (at) hotmail (dot) com
If this idea is well received, I believe an ideal set up would be to have a couple of Scotland’s GMs, along with title chasers/aspiring players and possibly an improving junior. This would create a great network and potential for the GMs to go over games and coach. If there is sufficient interest (squad of 12-15) we will look for some funding, but initially most players would be expected to fund their own travel and accommodation.
This is a pretty exciting idea. Be a great opportunity for a lot of people to get good games.
May indeed be attractive.

But doesn't a new team have to start in the lowest 4NCL division and work its way up to the only really competitive 4ncl division that counts, i.e. the first?

Realistically, therefore, how to attract / finance Gms etc to take part?
With the North/South Division 3 split a couple of years ago, promotion no longer takes as long as it used to...
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I think this is a great idea and I'd be delighted to play for a Scottish team.

The 4NCL is an excellent and sociable tournament where it is possible to gain experience at an international time control against strong and varied opposition.

Having been involved in some preliminary discussions with some of Scotland's top titled players about this, I think we can have some confidence that we would have their support. Hopefully one year in division 3 would be all that would be required to make it up into the stronger divisions. Whilst a quick ascent to division one would be the aim, division two is still a great place to gain some experience with all teams averaging an over 2000 rating across 8 boards.
Count me in, the Oz, for my 4 games of the season!
One thing to be aware of. 4ncl and SNCL dates clash
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Is it possible to change this clash? Considering some of Scotland's stronger players play both SNCL and 4NCL, it would be great to have strong representation at both.
Aye, it's sadly not as if there's a total shortage of free weekends these days. It'd be quite nice if they didn't clash anyway - as Oz says, there's definitely overlap between the players who take part. I know Edinburgh have been hit by availability issues as a result of the clashes on more than one occasion.
Yup, I'd like to play in both. This weekend I have picked the 4NCL over the SNCL as I am likely to face a stronger opponent.

I would love to play in a Scottish 4NCL team. I'm surprised that no one has ever formed one.

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