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2015 Scottish?
A big thanks to all those involved in running and organising the tournament. This was by far my favourite Scottish Championships. I thought the venue was absolutely superb - being able to watch the games from the balcony was a real perk.
Adam Bremner Wrote:There was an article by Vallejo Pons about this recently, saying 2600-2720 were lost in the wilderness of not being good enough for super tournaments, and also not having many options for events that they could make a living from.

I think money has to go to getting titled players involved, because it allows norms, and a better tournament to watch and take part in. Looking forward to some of the tasty pairings tomorrow with them!

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, saw that article.. well the headline anyway. Stronger players make for better viewing, however......

Quick draws: On reflection, and having witnessed another quick tactical draw in a later round I think the tournament would surely benefit from a clause or Sofia rules.

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