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Glorney Teams
Thanks Hamish.
Lots of exciting chess being played. Murad's game with Tom Thorpe was wild. Think murad was unfortunate not to win that one. 48.c4 instead of c3 (or a couple of moves earlier) I think was the last missed win. Easy enough to figure out without any fatigue or time pressure but less so with those issues (+ 1st round nerves).
Had a smooth game this afternoon although perhaps Adam was upset with his loss in the morning.

Liked Ben He's round 1 pawn endgame - lovely little sneaky with 40.Kf3 a' la karpov (that knight vs bishop thing where Karpov played Ng2 against Kasparov). Euan Gray terrifyingly impeccable chess as always.
Still no Scottish results? ?
Jacqui Thomas Wrote:Still no Scottish results? ?
its okay found on front page thanks.......
Was preparing a virtually identical post to Hamish's!

Fantastic entertainment on the day one live games, some great results and some not so great but thanks to all the players for terrific effort.

Euan Gray was given a chance and sneaked into the last place in the squad (board six in the U12 side) at Daventry, England a couple of years ago. I remember Donald Wilson posting along the lines of.. "Euan Gray has now got 3/3, not bad in his first international". He was massively outgraded but he dug in and got results.

All you guys in the U12 side, look at Euan's great results today in the U14 side. Dig in, work hard, if there is any chance whatsoever of a half point, take your time and play to the end.

All ChessScotland are proud of you and are supporting your every move.
Went along to yesterday's games. Greatly enjoyed! Would thoroughly recommend anyone who can to drop by the excellent venue either today and / or tomorrow (Wednesday) to do so. There is a real spirit about the play on the part of all the youngsters and no shortage of well-played and really interesting, competitive games.

Each team has its own (spacious) team room, to which they can retire and speak to coaches when games are over / before games begin. Your support / visit will be greatly appreciated by the players (and the many, hard-working, largely unsung CS organisers).

I may have a slight bias. Go all of Scotland's teams! But I do appreciate good chess played when played by 'anyone'. Well done visiting teams, too!
Thanks to everyone for their support. I definitely agree with Craig's comments about the games - a lot of good chess on show here.

Nice comparison from Hamish re Ben's endgame. A few weeks ago we ran a training session for the Teams. One of the positions I played through with my group was the famous Saidy-Fischer N v B endgame. The idea of infiltrating with the King is very similar. Ben played the "Fischer side" extremely well on the day, so it was no surprise when he found the winning plan.
Further to the live board issue above, it seems to work fine in Mozilla Firefox. I only experience the issue when using IE. :|

I'm very much enjoying the games! Big Grin
Chrome also works - just don't use Internet Explorer!
Is it going to be tekkers tuesday for murad? Liked a lot of his moves so far!

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