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Actually With end of daylight saving time at end of October India is now 5 1/2 hours ahead of us. To calculate time in India turn your (non digital) watch upside down, ignore numbers, and simply read time from position of the hands.

According to BBC news site maximum temperature in Chennai over the next few days is 29 to 30°C. Shouldn't be a major problem for either player.

I reckon the bookies have got it right at around 27% chance for Anand. Which for me makes it too close to call. Odds will chance dramatically after the first decisive game and a series of draws at start will shorten Anand's odds.
Well, what a load of rubbish that was! Drawn by 3-fold repetition on move 16 Sad
Yes, a bit of a let down in the first game but I am sure it will heat up a bit. Good coverage though on the live feed.
Good start for Anand surely seeing he was black. Carlsen gave him the 3-fold opportunity, and he took it, why not. Although black looked slightly better to me in that opening. Anyone else think the same?

I can't help but think maybe Carlsen was happy with the draw also? Carlsen must have been aware of the 3-fold possibility when he played Qb3.
I think Anand will be delighted to have drawn so easily. The little computer assessment on the live feed seemed to think Black was threatening to go better. Carlsen maybe only had Qb3 to stay level, otherwise I think he'd have kept it going a while longer rather than ease Anand's passage into the match.

With regard to Andrew's query about Carlsen's seconds, does anyone know if Garry' is on the scene?
Turned on the Chennai feed to catch the early middlegame find game over ... another cagey draw!

Less surprised at the second game, which was more logically contested by both players throughout. Was more surprised that in Game 1 Carlsen didn't play his queen's knight to d2 rather than to c3, as the latter more or less invites Anand's (good and) forcing reaction around the exchange of pawns on c4, followed by ...Nb6 and at least fully equal play on the c4 and d5 light squares.

With a knight on d2 (in Game 1), which has been played with some success at high level in the last year or two, White maintains the central tension, and while it isn't objectively very much, it retains the (very slight) advantage of the move (as White) and leads to the sort of game with a variety of strategic options that would have required both players to show a much more interesting middlegame hand.

The match is yet to properly start!
Kasparov's thoughts on the match 2 days ago, before heading towards Chennai
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Game 3 drawn, more or less in 40 moves.

With his advantage, I thought Anand might have been able to worry Carlsen a bit more

While watching I didn't like 37...Rd8 but looking back Anand must have been worried about Rd7+. The optimal line suggests Bd4 Qe2, perhaps Anand was worried about Bxg6 (fork idea) where B presumably has Rf8 in response. W could then complicate with Qxh5, despite threat of Qh7+ B might be able to do Rxf2 with the threat of interposing with check, Remember a John Shaw game where he deliberately allowed what looked like an unstoppable attack once his checks ran out - but his final move was Qh6! (with WR on g7 and h7, BK on f8) and B was dead!
perhaps its just me but websites aren't great for games - especially on iphone/ipad.

I've downloaded the world chess app - it does at least let you replay the game if some of the videos don't work - just search world chess and it comes up under fide- its free
Aye the need the app we are using
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"

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