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I'm surprised there's been no thread on this so far ... so here goes!

Both players were among my five "Heroes of Classical Chess" (along with Rubinstein, Smyslov and Fischer). See Everyman Chess books.

They both play powerfully direct classical chess, which I loosely define (never forget that "style" in chess is an essentially fluid and intrinsically elusive quality) as: "a kind of universality ... that embraces all styles, in a sense, and transcends narrow boundaries ... based on such overarching attributes as clarity, energy, toughness, ambition and a fundamental sense of analytic 'correctness' ..."

For much more discussion and exploration of this style of play through history, read the book!

I expect Carlsen to shade it!!
I wouldn't be surprised if the match follows the shape of Kasparov - Anand from 1995. A few hard draws, Anand wins a game and then Carlsen gets into his stride as he gets used to the format and pulls clear by a couple of points. Looking forward to it though Smile
i suspect that Carlsen has a few tricks up his sleeve and will surprise us all Big Grin
I can't help thinking of Anand as being the challenger. Does the rating difference of nearly 100 points reflect Anand’s other priorities these days? If so it could be close as you’d expect him to put everything in to this one. I think Anand’s match experience might help him, especially if the match is level going in to the last few games. But if the rating difference is to be believed, he’ll probably need these other factors on his side.

Talking of which, I think the way the word championship is being handled is a bit surprising. With few decisive games these games among top GMs, a 12-game match is almost like a first to two wins, or possibly even one. With quick play tie break as well, chance is being given much more of a role than it should, if the object is to determine the stronger player. It will make for a sort of excitement, though.
I was thinking a 6-6 score. But then I read Nigel Short's article at which had me thinking for a moment that Anand hasn't got much hope. Short gives good insight from his own experience having been there himself.

But I like to back the underdog and Anand might be old in Chess terms but he must have put lots of thought into what tactics and strategy will be needed against Carlsen. Wisdom comes with both age/experience perhaps, and Anand has both!

So I will stick with my 6-6.
Thanks for the link Jonathan - Anand's good at blitz isn't he? 6-6 would give him a good chance in the tie break. Short points out history looks against Anand, and that the ratings would allocate a 63% share of the points to Carlsen, that would mean on average a three point margin but it seems most people expect him to do a bit better than that, without actually winning. He probably knows some things that his young opponent does not and like you I wouldn't be amazed if he pulled something out. Bookies give him about a 27% chance to win. They are probably right but if Anand can remain level with four or so games left I think he might have an even chance. If he goes behind early on, I think it could get grim for him.
Having discovered Anand's second is Leko, I wonder who Carlsen's second is?

I think Carlsen is going to win 7-5

And I hope Carlsen wins too. I do like Anand, but he has been WC for a while now and it would be nice to see someone new at the top. Particularly given that Carlsen so clearly is the best player in the world at the moment, it'd be only fitting if he were WC.

Big Grin
Carlsen has declined to reveal who his seconds are.
The match is in India, that might help Anand a little. Anyone know what GMT time it starts?
Schedule here says games start 9.30 - tomorrow morning, if correct then Monday and Thursday are rest days. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... sen?page=2</a><!-- m -->

What's the best live chess link? This looks like the official one
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If I remember right, the juvenile chat here is off-putting.
There is a 4 1/2 hour time difference between Scotland and India
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