Poll: Would you be interested in playing in this chess festival?
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I am over 1800 and would be very interested in playing in Group B
15 57.69%
I am under 1800 and would be very interested in playing in Group C
5 19.23%
No I am not interested (please comment why thanks Smile )
6 23.08%
Total 26 vote(s) 100%
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Scottish Winter Chess Festival
I think it's in Hungary that they do quite a lot of closed tournaments with idea of gaining GM and IM norms. Unsure what format they use although that could potentially be a model that could be reused.

It does certainly look appealing for norm aspirants, although I think B & C sections will be a lot harder to fill
Is it really a festival if the aim is to secure norms? Why not consider
simply running a Xmas or New Year Congress, Castlemilk ran a xmas
tournament which used to attract reasonable numbers.
It'd also be a good idea, but we've got two new congresses running in the next few weeks. Scotland doesn't have a lot of events aimed at helping players gain norms - it's worth a try at any rate. If it doesn't work out, no harm done, and Oz will probably organise another Armageddon!
P Griffin Wrote:I would be amazed if you found 20 players under 1800 prepared
to pay £85. Hotel accommodation at New Year is like likely to be
in short supply.

I don't think that accommodation costs would be a problem in the lower tournaments as the majority of entrants would be within easy travel distance of the venue.

Being exactly 1800 on the most recent FIDE lists I'm not sure whether I would belong to B or C, but in either event I would travel around an hour from home by train (or drive on public holidays), so would not need to stay overnight in Edinburgh.

The proposed cost of tournament entry is more likely to be a deterrent.
I think it's a great idea and would be keen to play in the lower section. Unfortunately the choice of venue prevents that; it's hard to get a wheelchair into the ECC. The same problem prevents me from playing in other tournaments based at the ECC. Sad But if it happens, I wish you every success with it.
Alan - Great ideas, hopefully once the tournament is confirmed, I will draft up some social events for players - inputs welcome! The original plan was an IM norm event (one step at a time Big Grin ) mainly because I suspected a GM norm event would be more expensive - maybe if this event is a success it could be an option the following year?

P Griffin - The idea of the 'festival' was that, although the norm tournament is the central focus, there are other events.

Mike - It is a real shame that the venue has this unfortunate shortcoming. Thanks for your kind words and your good wishes - it is much appreciated.

Walter - Many thanks! Hopefully one day you will play one of my events Big Grin if not might see you across the board in the Rhodes ;P
David ,I wish you every success but I honestly think you are being way too ambitious too quick.
ps my objection to 'festival' is simply that a festival should be inclusive ie a minor event
for the lower graded and juniors would be nice .
Yeah look what happened to Jonathan Edwards when he tried to be ambitious.
Edinburgh Musselburgh Travelodge is around £25 per night for the dates of the proposed tournament. It's 5 or so miles out of town. The 31st is expensive wherever you look but Falkirk Travelodge is around £25 for that night at the moment. With the 1st as a rest (recovery??) day, New Years Day travel isn't going to be a problem.

Seeing the New Year in, in Edinburgh, is quite an experience for those from out of town.
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Clement Sreeves Wrote:Yeah look what happened to Jonathan Edwards when he tried to be ambitious.

I think it comes from being Scottish that we expect to fail, but there's no reason this couldn't work, and I really hope it happens. Much cheaper than Hastings, and a guaranteed norm chance, what's not to love?

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