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I am over 1800 and would be very interested in playing in Group B
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I am under 1800 and would be very interested in playing in Group C
5 19.23%
No I am not interested (please comment why thanks Smile )
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Total 26 vote(s) 100%
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Scottish Winter Chess Festival
If I'm not mistaken Matthew, unfortunately FIDE has a problem with such Scheveningen-type tournaments. I recall Alex McFarlane telling me something about this last year!?
Matthew Turner Wrote:There is another alternative which is a hybrid system between an all-play-all and an open. For example players pay £50 and are split into groups (of not more than 20) based on rating. You could have prizes of £400, £200, £100.
This system has some advantages and it should mean that most of the games are very competitive. Personally, I am not a big fan, but they have used it at a tournament in Amersham for a good number of years and there are certainly players who like it a lot.

A few extra details about this English event. (I was on the control team last weekend and used to be a regular entrant).

This event is the Berks and Bucks championship. The venue switched from Amersham in Bucks to Twyford in Berks a few years ago. The 49th event took place last weekend and the 50th event is due to happen in 2014 precisely 50 years after the first one in 1964. The format remains as small sections preferably not above 14 players. These days the top two sections are FIDE rated.

The hot topic of debate at the moment is whether or not to insist that all players play all 6 rounds. That is will the tournament change its rules to allow half point byes. Some of the regulars are surprisingly vociferous on keeping the no half point bye rule.

Similar philosophy has applied in the same area to the Allegro event held annually at Bourne End. Next one will be 13th April 2014.

For both of these tournaments entry fee is in the normal range. Prize money is much lower than a big swiss tournament but the odds of making the prizes are much shorter than normal. The major plus for many players is that the grading spread within each section tends to be small (you play in the section allocated) and nearly all games tend to be competitive encounters between closely matched players.
Apologies, it would appear that you are right. FIDE will now only accept Scheveningen events where there is a genuine affiliation amongst the team(s). This obviously makes it very difficult to structure it in a way so that it is possible to obtain norms.
I'm delighted to announce that this tournament will go ahead and that full details will be on the Chess Scotland website very shortly.

Massive thanks to Andy Howie, who will act as Chief Arbiter. Without his support I doubt that the event would have been possible.
Event details are now available on the CS website:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://chessscotland.com/tournament.php?tid=16250913091260">http://chessscotland.com/tournament.php ... 0913091260</a><!-- m -->

Again, please enter early if you wish to play, there are only 30 spaces available outside of the norm tournament.

Also, if there are any kind souls staying in Edinburgh and are able to accommodate travelling players, please let me know.

Hopefully see you in December!!
Wow! you don't let the grass grow under your feet! Good luck with getting
the required entries.
Entries have started to flow in with players rated between 1300 and 2250 entering. A list will appear on the CS website in due course...
A couple of changes to the format of the event:

The 'Championship' section has been expanded to a 14 player swiss.

The 1st Prize in the 'Premier' IM Norm event has unfortunately had to be removed to be used for conditions.

Also, those that wish to be considered as a 'norm hunter' please notify me before the end of October. and finally, I hope those that signaled their interest on this thread manage to enter Smile
David, do you have current list of entrants of the various tournaments?
James, thanks for the reminder - a list will appear on the website shortly. Will post when this is the case!

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