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AGM Candidates
I wish to announce that Ian Brownlee as my campaign manager for the election. Also that as I am now aware that certain members of the committee appear to canvassing for proxy votes for my opponent. Any proxy votes for those who can't attend and who wish to vote for me to be sent to Ian Brownlee
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078998 32770
As the previous posts indicate people are canvassing for proxy votes, but let me make it clear - PEOPLE FOR BOTH Presidential candidates are seeking proxy votes.

I don't know if either candidate was aware of this or endorsed their actions nor do I know who started it. Neither side has asked me for my proxy!!! I'm beginning to feel left out.

There is a clear problem with allowing proxy votes under the current system. Canvassing in this way beings the system into disrepute.
I have tried to steer clear of the personal battles being waged, as I am more interested in doing good things for chess in Scotland than clashing with others and continually going round in circles on the same old topics.

It was suggested I should e-mail all and sundry and drum up as many proxy votes as possible. I should add that the suggestion was not made by either candidate for President. I completely rejected this suggestion, as I didn't feel comfortable with it at all and have no wish to be part of the continuing negativity on both sides of the divide.

Despite my complete rejection of the idea, an e-mail soliciting votes was sent out asking people to nominate their vote to me. I had not seen the e-mail sent out until I received a copy from a recipient. I also had no idea who had or how many people had been e-mailed and still don’t know.

I was none too happy when e-mails started arriving from people I had not been in contact with about the AGM or anything else for that matter, as I do not regard myself as anybody’s puppet.

The e-mail was not sent at my request, indeed it was sent without the courtesy to ask if it was okay with me to use my name and my e-mail. As I said, I had completely rejected the suggestion, only the night before.

I shall deal with the author of the e-mail in my own way.

Prior to the announcement of nominations, I did send four personal requests for support to those that I regard as friends and who I was aware would be unlikely to attend the AGM due to work commitments or travel issues. I am more than happy to act on the instructions given in these circumstances, regardless of what those instructions were.

With regard to the proxy votes I hold at the moment which were solicited by the mass e-mailing of members I find myself in a bit of a quandary. I have previously expressed my opinion on the CS system of proxy voting and suggested that this needs reviewed.

Having spent a few nights now finding it hard to get to sleep I have decided that it would not be proper for me to vote on behalf of people I do not or hardly know at all.

I would advise anyone who feels they may fall into this category to nominate a fellow club member or a representative of their county association or league to cast their vote, should they be unable to attend the AGM. If you are unsure of whether this would apply to you I would suggest it does and you would be in this bracket.

For those, who I feel I know well enough, such as the Ayrshire players, I will cast their votes as instructed.
I don't know why posters always bring up certain clubs. :\

Lets see if I can join in - I have seen an unsolicited email from a member of Hamilton Chess Club that has gone to several friends of mine. Admittedly, at least the sender had the decency of making it look personal by putting the person’s name in the email and sent it to them individually. Strangely I did not receive this email. I don't know what I should make of that.

For the record, I have rebuked a club mate of mine today who has been sending unsolicited emails and said I didn’t think it was the best way to go about things. I know of no other member of my club who has sent any unsolicited emails.

Also, since when did you need a campaign manager to run for office in CS? I wish everyone would put the same energy into improving things in Chess Scotland as they do in trying to gather the most votes.
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
Is my one measly vote worth anything at the AGM compared to all these proxies ? Since my position is uncontested I will not argue too much but this seediness is typical of how the last year has been in CS.

I've been getting these emails (3 so far) from different people asking for my proxy vote.

My first thought was to say yes to all of them and let them sort it out at the AGM.

But no. I am of course casting my vote for one of these live boards to run things.

We can log onto it daily and watch it make one random move and decipher what it wants.


Bishop = religious and c = catholic and c=country , so a catholic country is Italy. a2 is a primary class.
it is moving from a2 to c4.

It wants us to send a bunch of primary children to play in a tournament in Italy!
Hmmm I see, it’s like that is it…I’m wondering if some of my thoughts on proxy votes might have been a bit naïve. Though is it not partly true that this behind the scenes electioneering pestering activity is filling the campaign void? If the chess folk were all being dazzled daily here by Steve and Hamish’s views of the present burning issues and even more dazzling promises for the future, they would presumably be less willing to give their vote away.
I find it rather scary that canvassed candidates can be effectively elected BEFORE the actual AGM and that basically those of us who travel to participate are really irrelevant to the wishes of individuals with personal vendettas against incumbent post holders.

Let's just hold the election by proxy and save travelling expenses on people attending!
Personally, I feel very strongly that if you have put yourself forwards for a Directors post within Chess Scotland the members are entitled to know prior to the AGM what your aims are for the upcoming year, via a manifesto perhaps. I would like to know, for example, what experience do you have that would make you suitable for the post?, what are your visions for the future? etc

With particular reference to those who are putting themselves forward for Directors post involving junior chess I would be very interested in hearing their views on PVG issues.
Its hard to know someone' s true intent from dubiously worded emails but its clear this proxy thing is open to abuse

Indeed "intent" is probably the key word for many thorny issues of late. Some say the wrong thing but mean well and some folk are deliberately trying to cause offence and or upset, some for a laugh and some more than that. Innocent people are being caught up in the crossfire though.

Having to register for the forum means some members cant be bothered and will not see this topic- I had problems registering and almost gave up - and I use computers all the time. (Its not a dig as I know volunteers are putting in a lot of time and effort so it is an observation)

I would also guess that a fair amount of SCA members probably don't use the SCA website at all. I would assume that most members however do use email and that most of these emails are available to the SCA board.

In order to redress the balance I would suggest an email from one of the SCA board to all members covering the following

1 Letting them know about the AGM, agenda and candidates
2 Invite them to the AGM
3 Confirm that the can use proxy vote if they cannot attend - in particular to clarify that if they are to nominate someone for their proxy that the understand how it is going to be used ie do they want to give a specific instruction to vote for X or to nominate someone to vote how they see fit

In addition I think a second email should be sent to all members with a link to the SCA website and a link inviting them to join the forum with instructions on how to join the forum as it has topical issues that they be interested in

Going forward we need to improve communication to members and potential members as that will lead to better support and participation - ie Facebook/Twitter emails etc - snail mail is a dinosaur these days and costs a small fortune

Anyway it's Friday - I'm off to open a beer!

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