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Feedback Requested
Andrew McHarg Wrote:Please advise if this happens again.

Three times this morning Sad

And three times with this post
Which browser are you using?
I want to try to establish if there is a pattern as to times this is occuring, browser being used when it happens etc.

I think it's quite odd that it hasn't happened to me, considering I have the most posts. :\ Apart from that I am getting some fairly good load times, with things working quickly. Have you had any issues with your internet connection cutting out? It could be the cause.

Can anyone else who gets this problem please report it to me here as soon as possible, and supply as much info as you can (time/forum area/browser etc)

Andrew McHarg Wrote:Which browser are you using?

IE9. I haven't had a problem with any of the other fora I frequent under a variety of aliases...

Edit - no problem that time

Edit again - or when I edited....
happened to me earlier. On an android phone
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Only just seen Andy's reminder on the old forum this morning and that explains why noone posting there (I had completely forgotten about new one!)

I've had trouble making posts this morning... same 'server too busy' error others had and lost everythnig I had entered. I'll keep better note of details next time it happens. IE9 - but likewise no trouble on other forums.

At other times the new noticeboard is definetly faster =)

When registering, I assumed the final box was for PNum but when I tried to enter mine it said number had to be 'under 100'.

Another small niggle in when you click to a web link it doesn't open in a new tab like it used to. It leaves the forum altogether - so you loose where you were.
Andrew McHarg Wrote:Which browser are you using?
It's not an issue - the software shows any new posts made during your composition giving you time to add corrections relevant to that new post, so a second submit will post what you have typed
Carl Hibbard
Andy, the old board put the most recent thread that had received a response to the top. Does this board not have that ability ?
On the General Chess Chat view you can scroll to the bottom and there are filtering options. This allows you to display the topic in a variety of ways. =)

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